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Dec 7, 2006 04:43 PM

Casual Place in DC - - Near Capitol Hill or Downtown for Drinks, Food

About once a month, my friends and I take out a group of people we work with and are also friendly with for drinks and dinner. Over the past year we have tried the following with mixed success: Oya, Sonoma, The Ugly Mug, Les Halles, La Plaza, and Cantina Marina to name a few. We are looking for a spot which is casual, with decent food and alcohol selections and not terribly pricey. I should mention that it's a group of 10 that typically meets.

We would be willing to try a place downtown, but we just can't seem to find a spot that meets all of our needs. If anyone has any suggestions we would much appreciate it.

Thanks, Isabella

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  1. The Hill can be difficult, as I'm sure you know. Maybe give Pacific Cafe a try? Old Siam? FinnMac Cool's?

    1. Let me put in a second plug for Old Siam; I think it's one of the more underrated places on the Hill. Nothing spectacular, but consistently good Thai.

      Also unspectacular but good (I like the pizza lately) is Bistro Italiano on D Street NE behind Schneider's. It's tiny but I've seen big groups there before.

      1. Something really casual in Union Station is America's. Grub is decent and the atmosphere in Union Station is always vibrant. There are other options in Union Station, but I haven't tried them yet.

        1. If your gathering is in the evening, check out the Argonaut in 1400 block of H street NE.

          1. Down H Street from the Argonaut are The Red and The Black and The Majestic. They have live music with the food. The nearby Rock and Roll Hotel has been booking top indie bands.
            Also try Tunnicliff's near Eastern Market or Bullfeathers for standard American fare. Same for the Hawk and Dove on Penn.
            La Loma, La Lomita or La Lomita Dos if you want Mexican.
            The Banana Cafe on Barracks Row has a mix of Caribbean food. Lots of new places on Barracks Row to try.
            The Flying Scotsman (200 block 2nd Street, NW - looks like an alley)is DC's only Scottish bar/restaurant. Lamb shanks, burgers, pool tables. My Brother's Place next door has good bar food. The nearby Dubliner has great Irish food and drink.