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Dec 7, 2006 04:39 PM

Symposium- UWS Greek

I have almost gone here a bunch of times. Each time I am at the door and chicken out. Is this place worth it?

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  1. I used to like it in my Columbia days, but it's been several years since then.

    1. on my one trip, i found the menu is cartoonish and quirky, the appetizers ok but unmemorable and the mains totally bland. i really wanted to like the place, so i'd love to hear better reports.

      1. YES, YES, YES! i mentioned this on a previous post last week.
        consider it a step up from a good, greek diner. it isn't fancy but the food is excellent. i've had many home-cooked, greek meals over many years at my best friend's mom's home. i consider this place equivalent to a very good, homecooked greek meal AND THEY ARE REALLY NICE!! large portions, prepared well (very auhentic) but nothing fancy. i've also traveled throughout greece and still consider this good, greek food. try it.

        1. I ate here for a friend's birthday back in April and it became one of my favorite greek spots in the city. I'd be a regular if not for the fact that the commute is a bit much when you live in Brooklyn. I really enjoyed the food we ate (just about every appetizer, and I tasted many of the different entrees). My memory was a bit fuzzy, due to the really excellent sangria we had as well (including the on-the-house 4th pitcher that our lovely waiter treated us to). But this place is definitely worth checking out.

          1. I'm with Lucia, I enjoyed it as a student and remember it fondly, but several years have passed. It was a great place to go for pitchers of sangria and several rounds of Greek appetizers...with like 10-15 people. It does look really dingy, but I liked the fact that it used to scare off the faint of heart and they'd stay at the West End.