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Dec 7, 2006 04:16 PM

mermaid inn or 26 seats?

thinking about going to one of these places saturday night. i know they are pretty different, but both in the neighborhood. any thoughts on either? is mermaid inn stuffy at all? 26 seats looks interesting but i don't know much about it.


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  1. Mermaid Inn is not stuffy at all--it's very laid back. That would be my first choice as my last dinner at 26 seats was pretty mediocre.

    1. Do you like seafood? because there's nothing else on the Mermaid Inn menu. I like it, though.

      1. i really like the mermaid inn. it's definitely not stuffy, and in fact will probably be very lively on a saturday.
        i haven't tried 26 seats but recently met some friends for drinks after their dinner there. the report was not very favorable.

        1. get a reservation for mermaid, it's booked very often

          1. i'd definitely choose mermaid inn.

            i've only been to 26 seats once. it's (as the name suggests) very small, but cozy. service is very friendly. the food is ok. i had a steak au poivre and the cut of meat itself wasn't that great. again, it's cozy and delightful......but the food isn't as good.

            mermaid? the front room i find cozy (though loud and very casual). the back room kinda sucks though. it reminds me of a "rec room" that we would have had growing up in wisconsin. fake brick or paneled walls, indoor/outdoor carpeting, drop ceiling. i don't remember if it actually has these details or not - but that's what i remember!