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Dec 7, 2006 03:12 PM

my cast iron teapot has turned on me... help!

My beloved cast iron teapot that I have had for years seems to have turned on me. It has an acrid sort of smell and is imparting a bad flavor to my tea. I fear that some less than dignified tea may have been left to sit in it for a long time. I've tried rinsing it with boiling hot water repeatedly. Today I even used a few drops of dishsoap to see if that would help... but no. It seems like the problem is deeper.

Any ideas for resurrecting it? I don't have any baking soda (and it's really hard for me to get as I live in a country that doesn't believe in it).

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  1. I would try a vinegar soak. If that doesn't work, put it in the oven and get it REALLY HOT to try and burn it out (unless it has wood handles or otherwise shouldn't be put in the oven).

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      I think the oven option sounds perfect.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. The inside of the pot still has a bit of enamel (most has worn off over the years). I wonder if the oven option would damage the remaining enamel... Should I put some water in it?