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Dec 7, 2006 02:59 PM

Wedding Champagne recommendations?

Any rec's for a decent wedding champagne to be served to guests? And one for the bride/groom table?

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  1. Do you want actual champagne, or are you amenable to sparkling wine? I like the Anderson Valley Roederer sparkling wine - just served it at a party on Sunday. It's about $17.99 in the NYC area.

    1. I agree with Anderson Valley Roederer. Also Domaine Chandon makes some some nice California sparkling at a about $12 to $15. I also enjoy the Mumm California offerings. All good values.

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        I will third the recommendation for Roederer, even if you have the budget to spend $40/bottle for Veuve Cliquot.

        a) your wedding guests probably won't be examining the champagne that closely
        b) $40/bottle really adds up quickly, and at a wedding I know my friends would be POed if champagne ran out!
        c) Most people don't drink bubbly regularly, and unless they do I doubt they'll be able to tell the difference between the Roederer and something $40. The Roederer is solid.

        For the bride and groom, I would actually forego quality/expense for the sake of choosing whichever high end champagne has the LEAST % alcohol. All those toasts? I'd pass out even if I took pretend sips.

      2. Veuve Clicquot NV for the wedding.

        For the bride and groom, 3 good choices are:
        1. Cristal
        2. Krug
        3. Veuve Clicquot "La Grande Dame"

        1. For the Bride and Groom?

          Try something a bit different. Rose Champagne. Laurent Perrier Alexandra Cuvee... wow.

          If you don't want the Bride/Groom's wine to look too different from everyone else... Very recently Taittinger re-released their '96 Comte de Champagne Blanc de Blanc and you can find it for around $100 per in most good wine shops. An EXCELLENT wine, especially for that price.

          1. What is your budget, and how many people will you be serving? The type of reception will dictate volume (e.g. time of day, meal being served, bar with alternative alcohol beverage options). If a sparkling wine is to be the primary alcoholic beverage and budget is limited, I echo the previous recommendations of NV Roederer Estates. This property is affiliated with the French house and produces a very nice non-vintage wine. I have conducted many blind tastings of NV Champagnes and their American equivalents, throwing in a DP for giggles and grins. The NV Roederer Estates has been a consistent #1 - and this is with trade people as well as regular consumers. Another fun wine for guests is Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee. This was first produced for the owner's daughter's wedding.

            If you want to stay domestic and have something special for the bride and groom, consider Domaine Carneros "le Reve" - the Dream. It is French in style.

            If budget is not a particular issue, check with your local merchant about some smaller producers:

            Demeric; Lallemont; LeClerc Briant; Tarlant; Rene Collard

            This is the time of year to be tasting since many merchants host Champagne tastings to secure the holiday orders from the clients. My personal favourites are the rose's being produced in Champagne. Delicious!