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Anyone been to Potbellies Kitchen in Southie?

While coming home from Logan, noticed this place on A Street between W Broadway and W 3rd St, looks like some kind of storefront. Anyone been? Should that name have an apostrophe somewhere?

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  1. I don't know anyone who has been there, and there is next to nothing on the Internet about this place. I found a forum page where someone mentioned the place, but it was written in French. Here's the (very humorous) translation:

    A good address on South Boston for the amateurs of American traditional kitchen.
    On the recommendation a friend I am alle dine has “Potbellies Kitchen” has South Boston and J was agreeably surprised by this small restaurant, very simple one can eat good American kitchen of quality and has very handsome price. The fries calamaris do not bathe in oils, the hamburger is copious and the french fries nonfatty and crusty! the menu east varies, of hamburger to the salmon stove! For urgent they serve neither wine nor beer but that would not be delays have they says! and what could be better a good Coke! addresses
    87 A street, South Boston, MA (just behind the building of Gilette)

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      A good address in South Boston for lovers of traditional American cuisine.

      On a friend's recommendation, I went to Potbellies Kitchen in South Boston for dinner and was pleasantly surprised by this little, simple place where you can eat good, quality American cuisine at a very good price. Fried calamari weren't swimming in oil, the hamburger is big and tasty, the french fries are crispy and not greasy, and the menu varied, from hamburger to pan-fried salmon.

      For now, they don't serve wine or beer, but soon enough, they tell me! Anyway, what's better than a good Coke?

      78 A street, South Boston, MA (just behind the Gilette building)

      [http://www.bostonfr.com/readthread.js..., very odd to have info on a Boston restaurant in French only and not in English yet, until now]

    2. hmmm...interesting! i drive by that place every day and always assumed it was either closed for good, or hadn't yet opened. i love that translated review!

      1. We have similar search skills with the series of tubes that is the Internets, hiddenboston; I got exactly that much info too, thanks to Google translation. The "calamaris do not bathe in oils" -- that sounds encouraging.

        The only reason I noticed the place was that it was brightly lit (around 8pm on a weeknight) and had a bunch of customers. It looked at a glance like it might be a counter service kind of place.

        1. I'm in Southie now, incidentally - maybe I'll check it out. We're not confusing it wiht "My Diner", right? That is on A and 1st, I believe?

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            Correct; Potbellies on the other side of A St, closer to W Broadway.

          2. Stopped by there last night...glad I did. Very cool little restaurant with a very interesting menu. Spoke with the owner for awhile, seems like he's all about doing quality at a very reasonable price.

            I think he said he was one of the original founders of Silvertone's. Either way, had the cuban sandwich and can say it match up quite well to Chez Henri's. My wife had a grilled chicken sandwich and an awesome caesar salad(with real parmasene, alot like Silvertone's used to be). Get this, all in $13. The owner also mentioned that he's going for a beer and wine license which would be a great addition. It's open for breakfast through dinner and easy parking on East 2nd. Highly recommend it.

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                It's pretty new, I passed by last week or the week before and they were still finishing up some interior construction.

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                Their cuban matches up quite well to Chez Henri's? That's quite a compliment if true.

              3. I plan on going either tonight or next week, so I'll let everyone know how it is...looking forward to it!

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                  I work right next store to this place and assumed that its still not open, no signage in the window. Might have to go for lunch today.

                2. Re: Apostrophes--maybe they are trying to copy the nearby Amrheins in that respect. ;-b

                  BTW, how is My Diner? Are they open for breakfast and lunch only? I'm thinking of a backup plan in case Potbellies is too crowded (which I'm guessing won't be the case); I don't really want to go to Amrheins, so that's out. Any other suggestions? I guess we could always use the Quiet Man Pub as a safety net....

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                    My Diner is excellent. I have posted about their fabulous turkey sandwiches before. They vertically roast fresh turkeys everyday and handcarve 'em for turkey sandwiches or hot turkey dinners or mmmm turkey clubs. All fabulous. I know they are open for breakfast and lunch (and serve a mean b'fast too) but not sure about dinner.

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                      I second their roast turkey. Better than most thanksgiving birds I've had. Their turkey hash is especially deelish, doesn't taste like catfood.

                    2. You think it'll be open tonight, right? Perhaps I will stop by also.

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                        Change of plans for me--looks like I'll be in Somerville, shooting pool and drinking Grey Goose (always a good combination), so it appears that Potbellies will have to wait until next week. If anyone goes, definitely let us know what you think!

                      2. My boyfriend and I went to Potbellies for lunch last week. We were pleasantly surprised.

                        I had a delicious and big house salad (which had really nice greens, tomatoes, cukes, marinaded veggies & crunchy green beans - not your "basic" salad at all) and a bowl of Red Bean soup. It was delicious (and a special that day). I also had a good cup of coffee. My boyfriend also had the soup and a grilled cheese & french fries. He was pleased.

                        We are actually going to try dinner there tonight so I will post back and let you all know how it turns out.

                        Note: The place could use a little color but I did like the idea of the black board menu. Our waitress was not exactly friendly but she was not rude either. Just oddly quiet. We asked how long they were open and if we could have a menu to go etc. She didn't really engage in conversation or thank us for coming or try to encourage our return. I thought she might have mad ea bit of an effort to do so since it was lunch time and we we were the only people in there.