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Kosher Meat at Trader Joe's in Cary, NC

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  • Tarz Dec 7, 2006 02:30 PM
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I just went to the new Trader Joe's in Cary last night, which carried a large selection of kosher meat -- all of it fresh rather than frozen! There were four fresh Empire products: boneless skinless breasts, whole chickens, ground turkey, ground white-meat turkey. Moreover, there was also fresh kosher beef: four varieties of steak and stew meat by David's.

And the prices were cheaper than anywhere else I've seen in the region -- and those places only carry frozen products.

For those of us in the area who keep kosher, this is really a great event!

It's also near Udupi, where before going to Trader Joe's I had a wonderful Jaipur Paneer Dosa.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the info! My mom has been having frozen kosher meat shipped to her house in Durham for over 40 years. She'll be thrilled!

    1. Yee-hah! Not being familiar with David's I googled them. For those who need this info, David's is not glatt but is processed by AgriProcessors, the largest kosher processor in the country, and is certified by a Minnesota-area Chabad Lubavitch rabbi. This information comes from an article in the Forward.

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        Wow thanks! So I guess maybe I'll be having chicken for Passover & I've got a lot of Muslim friends to tell too.

      2. I am in Atlanta and was delighted to see kosher meat when I went to the Trader Joe's here! I also saw it in the Trader Joe's in Aptos, California last week on a visit ...

        Bravo for Trader Joe's! Many of their products are under kosher supervision .. they "get it"!