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Dec 7, 2006 02:29 PM

Waukegan for lunch today-Anywhere decent?

Haven't been to the home of Jack Benny and Ray Bradbury since I was a kid on a Sunday Drive with the family. Today I have an appt in Waukegan. Are there any good coffee shops/snackshops/restaurants that you can recommend? Open to anything. I know the Silo isn't too far away so that is a possibility. Thanks.

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  1. Sit down nice place: Madison Avenue

    Hot dogs: the dog house on Washington serves the best dogs in Lake County, just be sure to ask for no ketchup!

    Mexican: Washington st has a great selection of Mexican restaurants, I personally like the Taco's El Rey De Oro, but Toluca, Los Compadres & El Norte (on Grand) are all decent.

    A new bistro/grill place just opened up at around 20 N Genesee St right across from the new Subway that looks kind of cool, looks like it might be worth a try but I have not been there yet.