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Dec 7, 2006 01:56 PM

Saigon Grill UES

Did this place ever re-open or has it gone the way of others "closed for renovations"?

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  1. It hasn't re-opened as of yet, but the outside sign still indicates a return...

    1. It's been a while, a long while, I think they are not coming back. BOOO HOOO

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        It' been since July, thats a long time!

      2. So what do you suppose they are doing behind the boarded up building? Renovating for another Restaurant? I still have high hopes they're coming back. That place is a gold mine. But how I miss my Bo Luk Lac.

        1. I checked with the UWS as well as downtown branch - both say early 2007.
          For some reason though I found them slightly unconvincing!

          1. A friend lives in the same building and this is what I was told: Saigon Grill purchased the entire building and is taking over the floor above it, where it will be a wine bar or something. Supposedly, they are now recreating the interior. So in essence, Saigon Grill is now my friend's landlord and for the time being he does not have to move (they are not planning on making the resto more than two levels). They are aiming to open in two months, so "early 2007" makes sense.

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              The University Place location is pretty swank compared to the old UES location (or even, from what I hear, to the UWS location) so I find extensive renovations to be a pretty believable excuse.

              The UES location did pretty brisk business back when they were open so I have to think (knowing, admittedly, absolutely nothing about the restaurant biz) they weren't losing money on the location. My one fear was that they were trying to sell the space (a nice corner location on the ever-gentrifying UES), but if the opposite is true and they're buying up the whole building, then all the better ...

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                From what I've seen of the signs etc., I'd expect them to reopen. Our corner Korean deli was closed, ostensibly for a month, but it took them three months to reopen - I chalk these delays up to construction in NYC.

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                  The outer construction shed came down a few weeks ago and it's looking promising. Any updates on timing?