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Dec 7, 2006 01:31 PM

Tucson Italian Suggestions

Hi all,

Heading to Tucson this weekend to run the marathon. I'm looking for upscale Italian in the north part of town near the El Conquistador Hotel. Suggestions?
Also, I'm a big fan of tacos al pastor. We'll have a car so we can drive to wherever- if it's worth it.
While I'm at it, what are the "must see's" as far as touristy things- i.e. Biosphere etc...



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  1. One of the Gavi Italian outposts is up that way

    Gavi Italian Restaurant
    Foothills Mall N.W. corner of Ina & La Cholla
    7401 N. La Cholla #146
    Tucson, AZ 85741
    Tel. (520) 219-9200
    Open 7 days at 4:00 p.m.

    1. Because distance is relative in Tucson ... I would say a drive to Vivace is worth it for Italian. Vivace is at Campbell and River (go south on Oracle to Campbell – I think it’s about 6 miles from the El Conquistador, then turn left and it’s another 2 miles to Campbell. Vivace is on the NE corner). Probably not much more than a 15 minute drive, but well worth it. Search Tucson on the board and you will find plenty of rec’s for Vivace. This all being said – I really like Gavi as well, just not sure it hits the mark on the “upscale” part of your request.


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      1. re: Bazel

        Thanks you all. 8 miles in a short run for me let alone a drive LOL....
        Jeans acceptable at Vicace? Would be here at Frasca even though the majority dress up.


        1. re: mike_in_denver

          Jeans should be fine at Vivace. Make a reservation, though, as it's a very busy place.

          1. re: lawyerbriefs

            Hopefully we can get in early tomorrow night. My friends just gave me the OK.

      2. Another very fine Italian restaurant in the area is Tavolino at Oracle and Ina (520/531-1913). Considerably smaller than Gavi and Vivace, but excellent food. That said, I must concur with Bazel about Vivace. ALWAYS excellent food, with service to match. Enjoy.

        1. Another fine Italian restaurant in the area is Tavolino at Oracle and Ina (520/531-1913) Smaller than Gavi and Vivace, but very good food. That said, I must concur with Bazel. Vivace is ALWAYS excellent, with service to match. Enjoy.

          1. Tavolino and Vivace are both excellent, and my last few meals at Gavi--different location--have been NOT excellent (or even good)!
            Vivace, by the way, is on the SE corner of Campbell and River.