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Dec 7, 2006 01:28 PM

Birthday ideas for my girlfriend, pleaseeeee. In the past she has liked the bar at the Standard Hotel on Sunset

I need ideas for a birthday celebration for my girlfriend. She says the type/quality of food isn't important. She just wants to hang out at a trendy bar.

Our current plan is to just go to the Standard Hotel on Sunset and eat at the restaurant before going to the bar.

Any other suggestions? She ruled out the Downtown Standard's rooftop bar because of the $20 cover after 7 PM.

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  1. Trendy over quality:

    Simon LA for dinner then go 20 paces over to the Stone Rose for drinks.

    1. The little cabanas at Blue on Blue are fun.....
      Whist @ the Viceroy hotel is also nice.

      1. blue on blue.

        boe at the crescent

        whist at the viceroy (but go on a weekend; weekdays, the atmosphere can get a bit dry)


        --I don't really like the bar at the standard on sunset. The one in downtown is much better. About the cover charge, I never had to pay...