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Dec 7, 2006 01:21 PM

Jelly Donuts

Just got a recipe from a friend for jelly donuts that I plan on making for Chanukkah...

She makes them like ravioli... filling the raw dough, then folding it over with the jelly inside, before cooking. This sounds off to me.... shouldn't I cook the donut first, then fill it with jelly? I'ver never made donuts of any type before, so maybe I'm wrong... Any thougts?

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  1. Traditional sufganiots are filled with jelly after they're fried.

    With your friend's method it seem labour intensive to ensure that the jelly and two pieces of dough stay together.

    I'd stick to the fry them and fill them method - and I'd be generous with the filling.

    1. I'm in the fill later camp. I would be concerned that the jelly would explode if it came into contact with the hot fat.