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Dec 7, 2006 01:11 PM

Two Nights in New Orleans

I'm going to be in New Orleans for two days, with a bunch of friends. Where should we absolutely not miss that won't break our bank? A number of them are real meat-eaters...

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  1. I assume this is the same bachelor party weekend as below?

    Non-bank-breaking heavy-on-the-meat: Muffaletta from Central Grocery, roast beef debris po'boy from Mother's, Coop's Place, Remoulade (I believe they also have raw oysters; Acme is sort of a nightmare).

    For the big dinner, what's your price range? Emeril's can get pretty raucous, it's a big place, and big plates. For that matter, go to Galatoire's (jacket required).

    Jacque-Imo's wouldn't be nearly as expensive, it's very loud and fun, and it's right next door to the Maple Leaf. But it's far from the quarter, so you'd have to cab it.

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      Having looked at Emeril's, I think it's too expensive for us. Something a little less expensive would be good. (Although Emeril's does look like a lot of fun...)

      1. re: alexgourevitch

        Hmmm. 1/2 a block from Emeril's is Tommy's, which serves Italian, but very New Orleans style Italian. Very clubby atmosphere, excellent food, and next door is Tommy's Wine Bar. Still somewhat expensive, but not in Emeril's league. I think you would like it. I do think Jacque-Imo's is what you're looking for, but it is far from downtown.

        1. re: JGrey

          Would a taxi be unreasonable from downtown to Jacque-Imo's?

          1. re: alexgourevitch

            I live very near J-I, and I would expect about a $20 cab ride from the quarter. Find a van to fit 6 or 7 of you, and it would be even more reasonable.

    2. If you are serious meat eaters, you have to go to Port of Call. I have yet to find a better burger anywhere (though Peter Luger's in NY comes close). They're seriously tasty. Don't forget to order a Monsoon to drink too!

      And I second the suggestion to go to Central Grocery and Jacque-Imo's. Mother's is also good, but that line can be intolerable.

      1. I ate at Bon Ton for lunch this week, it was very good. Get the crawfish bisque

        1. Port of Call, plan to wait for a table

          1. For the best food at reasonable prices I recommend the following:
            Cochon. This place will give you a sampling of real, Louisiana food at very reasonable prices.
            La Crepe Nanou: You would have to take a cab uptown but the food is very good and the prices are remarkably reasonable given the quality. Part of the fun is the crowd. It is packed every night with all ages, mostly 25-35, no reservations so you wait outside with a bottle of wine and talk to everyone else. Get the muscles, the onion soup, and the quail.
            One Restaurant and Lounge:
            Very good food, lively atmosphere, and very reasonable prices. It is also uptown in the University/Carrollton section of the city so you would have to take a cab again.
            Rock n' Saki:
            One of the best Japanese/Sushi restaurants right downtown within walking distance to all the hotels.
            This place is not cheap but the food is outstanding and it is not outrageously priced. Portions are big so share.