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Dec 7, 2006 01:04 PM

Kosher Restaurants in Miami

Will be vacationing in the Miami area for a week. Never been before. What restaurants are not to be missed? Which ones should we avoid? We are going to want a full range of styles/flavors over the week... so as much advice as possible would be helpful!

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  1. for pizza check out shem-tovs and sara's pizza, there is also pita hut which is ok.

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    1. re: chai18

      what would a trip to Miami be without a trip to Sara's . hmmm Shmoppaburger

    2. Where are you staying? It's a pretty spread out set of communities/options.

      1. We will be staying at the Intercontinental Downtown. But we will have a car and be doing things all over.... So we would rather drive a little further but eat good food.

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        1. re: kirahersko

          if you happen to be in the Boca area don't miss Eilat cafe

        2. From the Intercontinental, your best bets are in the 41st street corridor, in terms of convenience. Aventura is a hike, imo.

          In the 41st street corridor, there's a Le Marais (solid), New Time (Spanish/Moroccan) (never been), Shalom Tokyo (51st street), Original Pita Hut (OK). Even closer to your hotel, on 6th and COllins, is Pita Loca, which is great, imo.

          1. According to their website Le Marais in Miami is closed while they renovate the building as a condo/hotel along with a restaurant.