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Kosher Restaurants in Miami

Will be vacationing in the Miami area for a week. Never been before. What restaurants are not to be missed? Which ones should we avoid? We are going to want a full range of styles/flavors over the week... so as much advice as possible would be helpful!

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  1. for pizza check out shem-tovs and sara's pizza, there is also pita hut which is ok.

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      what would a trip to Miami be without a trip to Sara's . hmmm Shmoppaburger

    2. Where are you staying? It's a pretty spread out set of communities/options.

      1. We will be staying at the Intercontinental Downtown. But we will have a car and be doing things all over.... So we would rather drive a little further but eat good food.

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          if you happen to be in the Boca area don't miss Eilat cafe

        2. From the Intercontinental, your best bets are in the 41st street corridor, in terms of convenience. Aventura is a hike, imo.

          In the 41st street corridor, there's a Le Marais (solid), New Time (Spanish/Moroccan) (never been), Shalom Tokyo (51st street), Original Pita Hut (OK). Even closer to your hotel, on 6th and COllins, is Pita Loca, which is great, imo.

          1. According to their website Le Marais in Miami is closed while they renovate the building as a condo/hotel along with a restaurant.

            1. I'm really curious how Tea for Two is "much closer" than Pita Loca.

              1. I was refering to being closer than the "41st street corridor". Pita Loca is closer and is also in South Beach.

                1. But is Tea for Two any good? I'd rather eat at good places then close places!

                  1. I've heard TeaForTwo is good, but since I eat dairy out, it never appealed to me.

                    1. Tea for Two is excellent. Boca is too far from Miami, and Eilat Cafe is certainly not worth the trip. Cine Citta in Surfside is worth it, and the many restaurants in the Aventura strip (near the "old" Prime Grill, I forget the name now) also are good.

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                        In the Aventura section I love Pita Plus - great Schwarma. Does anyone know what came of the Mexican place in the mall that did kosher meat??

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                          we ate at Pita Plus last night due to our afternoon flight back to NY being canceled.
                          has my recommendation

                      2. BS"D

                        Thai Taste in North Miami is the best I've had anywhere.

                        1. Best Schwarma (and other middle eastern food) by far Levi's on Sheridan Street in Hollywood. About 1 mile west of I 95 on north side in strip center. Stay away from Sarah's Tent in Aventura on Biscayne Blvd. - horrible! The restaurants in Waterways in Aventura are okay - some people love the Chinese others hate it.Sarah's on 125th Street is always good.

                          1. Do you if any of these restaurants are open during Passover 2010??

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                              The waterways restaurants were open for pesach last year. Messa, a steakhouse in Hollywood was too. The quality tends to go down, the crowds go up and the prices too. Last year the Chinese restaurants was taking reservations for Chol Hamoed way in advance. In Pesach, I eat at home :)

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                                I was walking in the Waterways today. The Waterways Restaurant (meat) will be open again and one can even book the first seder. The ice cream store-Banana Royale- will also be open.

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                                  I'm from NYC but thinking of getting married in Miami on the beach. Figured in lieu of a big reception we could just book an upscale kosher restaurant for the night. Do you have any advice on nice kosher restaurants in Miami, especially in the Miami Beach area if possible?

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                                    The Gourmet Carrot in Miami Beach has terrific food. The steaks are as good as any I have had in New York, and I live there.

                            2. I'm surprised no one has yet suggested "Grill Time". 16145 Biscayne Blvd. N. Phone786-274-8935
                              By far- the best Kosher meat restaurant in south east Florida.
                              If you miss Grill Time you are missing a truly great kosher dining experience.