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Dec 7, 2006 01:03 PM

Non-Chain Restaurants near Arundel Mills

Please save me from chain restaurants! I just moved from Annapolis to the Arundel Mills/Hanover/BWI area and I'm slowly dying of chain-restaurant overload. There has to be a couple of good, reasonably priced, non-chain restaurants nearby, but I've failed to locate any of them. Anybody have anything for me?

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  1. What comes immediately to mind is G&M Restaurant and Lounge. It is a family owned business that serves the BEST crabcakes around! Each crabcake is the size of a softball and filled with real lump crabmeat. Everything on the menu is delicious!

    804 Hammonds Ferry Road
    Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-1302
    +1 410 636 1777 / +1 877 554 3723

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    1. re: jtlam77

      G&M is affiliated with Timbuktu also. I agree that the crabcakes are huge, filling, and pretty good. I saw them prepare the crabcakes for broil once in their takeout section, and they use a heckuva lot of butter. Be forewarned though, as they use a type of flavored filling that most people don't like. It's not a pure crabcake (ie. little mayo and little filler for texture and hold).

      Ram's Head Tavern is a popular spot, but besides that, I haven't been able to find anything in Arundel Mills area that is non-chain.

      1. re: jtlam77

        And once again, even people who like this place (not me) have been warning of a downhill alert for some time.

        I thought G&M was horrible from the beginning, but even those who used to like it have been claiming that it's not what it used to be.

      2. Little Spice is a great Thai restaurant off of Dorsey Rd. that should be very, very close to you. I'd highly recommend that. Also, you're not too far from Glen Burnie, where you can get great Mexican at La Sirinita and Italian from Cafe Amore.

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        1. re: Jason1

          I agree about Little Spice. I also like the pizza next door at Mama Lucia's.

          There's a long recent thread about good places to eat near BWI. Someone mentioned a good Japanese restaurant in Linthicum.

          Ram's Head is way down in Savage. If you're going to go that far, might as well eat in Columbia or Ellicott City.

          1. re: little audrey

            Maybe, but Savage is right off 95, which isn't a bad drive. A great pizza place near Ft. Meade off 175 is Gianni's. It's the closest you'll find to NY style pizza.

          2. re: Jason1

            That is actually almost with walking distance of my house. Thanks! I'll have to try it out.

          3. Thre use to be a Tex-Mex place in Odenton that was decent,
            Pachanga Grill I believe...also there were two places in the Odenton S.C.(where the Super Fresh is) that were worth visiting
            The Rose(Chinese) and Three Brothers(for the pizza boats)

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              Pachanga grill is still there and good. Problem is that some people hate ground beef in their tex mex, and this place serves it up plenty. I find it average, but I do like their mexican pizza.

            2. I'm going to give you advice more in the Glen Burnie area, but these are about a 10-15 minute drive from BWI and worth the time, IMHO.

              --Tokyo Sushi, 60 Mountain Road. It's in a strip mall right off of the 177/2 split. Family-owned, they have very fresh fish. They also serve the salmon sashimi with paper-thin slices of lemon. The slight tartness of the lemon and the bitterness of the rind are the perfect foil for the buttery salmon. I have never had sashimi served this way and it's divine. They generally have a "hot and spicy bowl" on special that's slices of sashimi tossed in hot mayo over a bed of rice. Good stuff.

              --Vietnamese/Pho place across the parking lot from Thai Gour in that mall area on Rte 2/B&A Blvd. (Thai Gour's address is 7477 Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd). I've only had the Pho there, and it's lovely. Nice, rich broth, good essence of star anise but not overwhelming. They have about 12 different phos, including nice lean meats for Western palates. :) We were the only non-Asians in the place, which to me indicates it's authentic.

              --Thai Gour, above. I've had better Thai food and some of their dishes are better than others, but it's still better than an Applebee's! It's always very low-key there anytime I go, and so it's a nice, relaxing, meal for me.

              --Cafe Amore. 7556 Ritchie Hwy. You can search for other reviews here, but my impression is similar to others. Not the most amazing Italian in the world (see Trattoria Alberto, below) but quite solid. Great chewy bread and nicely-done standards. Loved the tortellini in broth soup--very hearty and peasant-y. The pasta portions are rather large. I'm a gnocchi aficionado, and their gnocchi were only fair. They only have a fresh tomato sauce topping (I prefer my start with lots of creamy fat, like a gorganzola sauce....) and I'm not sure that they were made on the premisis. The cream sauce in the salmon pasta dish could have been a little thicker the night I was there, but the flavors in general were solid.

              --Trattoria Alberto, 1660 Crain Hwy. Oh Mah Gad. I LOVE this place. It's amazing, and you pay for the quality. But definitely go. Northern Italian with stellar specials of the day, divine, fluffy homemade gnocchi (and other pastas), and a massive selection of veal and lamb dishes, all done to a turn. Someone just asked about it the other day, search for those reviews. You won't be sorry you did.

              Happy eating!

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              1. re: venera

                Two more suggestions in the same general area; Martithia's on north Crain highway in Glen Burnie serves delicious pupusas, fried plantains and a wonderful drink called horchata. Closer to Route 100, off Ritchie highway near Jumpers Hole road there is an all-you-can eat Chinese buffet called Lucky Garden. I can attest that around six o'clock, the buffet is really surprisingly fresh, and in addition to the usual suspects they have things like mussels in black bean sauce and stir-fried shrimp dishes which are unusually good and unusual for this type of restaurant. I usuaally abhor this type of buffet, but at least early in the evening Lucky Garden's fare is surprisingly good.

                1. re: elgringoviejo

                  Elgringoviejo - where is Martithia's? I googled it and came up empty. Thanks

              2. Welcome to the neighborhood, I'm in Harman's Woods South (house backs up to Boyer's Farm). There is also House of Welsh on Old Dorsey Rd. (Where Theisman's used to be) and also Key West Grill at the Ramada (you can see it from Rt. 100)

                But all the recommendations above, I agree with.

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                1. re: cbauer

                  I'm starting to feel like Mr. Negative here, but we tried House of Welsh based on a positive Sun Review (mistake, I know) and found it average at best.

                  I do like some restaurants. Really.

                  1. re: cbauer

                    Thanks for the welcome :)

                    I'm over in the townhouses up against the railroad tracks in the back of Harmon's Woods. It's a great location for me geographically (I work in Annapolis, boyfriend works in Baltimore) but as far as food goes, I've felt like I'm in a wasteland of TGI Fridays. I really appreciate everybody's suggestions.

                    1. re: wawajb

                      We really are neighbors - come out Gesna until you get to Harman's
                      Rd, make a left and take your first left after that and there I am.

                      Actually, Remomo in the mall is pretty good, they have good happy hour prices for apps and drinks. They do a wood fired pizza that's tasty.

                      1. re: cbauer

                        dont eat anything at remomos besides the pizza. ull be disappointed,....

                    2. re: cbauer

                      Wasn't there a fairly decent restaturant not too far off of Rte 175 in Odenton
                      (across from the old Naval Dairy Farm and Jermans Market)

                      1. re: Hue

                        You may be thinking about Kaufmann's, which I was going to suggest, 329 Gambrills Rd, Gambrills.


                        As an alternative to G&M for crabcakes, I suggest the Olive Grove Restaurant, 705 N Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Heights.