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Dec 7, 2006 11:15 AM

egg rolls a la NYC in LA land

what I miss most in food living in LA for 25 years, is NY-style egg rolls. Of course, there is wonderful Chinese food here--in San Gabriel Valley, even in Lomita serving the South Bay.
But where are the great egg rolls/

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    1. interesting. as I live in san pedro--I have to find out if the Golden Pheasant is still happening in Torrance. The Venice trip sounds doable, too.
      thanks, Das U'k.
      anyone else?

      1. Perhaps if you would describe NY-style egg rolls and how you find the ones here lacking, you'd get more help.

        1. I find the egg rolls at Plum Tree Restaurant in China Town closest to the NY style rolls. Fat, garlicky and unlike any of the bland rolls you typically find here in LA.