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Dec 7, 2006 07:32 AM

Cetrella fried clam alert ... & slow-roasted goose ... anyone else serve goose?

I'm on Cetrella's mailing list and in a recent one about their New Year's Eve menu, they mention that the week before Christmas they make slow-roasted goose.

This sounds interesting as I've never had goose so I check out the Christmas menu and unfortunately they are closed Christmas.

Anyway, I notice the dinner menu is carrying ...
Crispy Fried Ipswich Belly Clams
Roasted Piquillo Peppers, Manzanilla Olives and Frisee 11.00

There are enough places selling classic fried clams now that a variation seems appealing. Knowing Cetrella, your $11 bucks probably means two clams, but still thought I'd pass this along to any fried clam fans out there.

They also are having what really seems like a good happy hour and they shouldn't bury this info on their site ... put it on the front page ... Monday – Thursday 5-7 ... 50% off Cocktails, Beer and Wines-by-the-glass.

The menu is looking especially tasty right now. There are things like garlic chili roasted crab and Pumpkin, Pancetta and Sage pizza.

I'm going to try to make it there for that goose. Do any other restaurants serve roasted goose in case I can't make it to Half Moon Bay?

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  1. Schroeer's in the FiDi serves goose. (at least the last time I ate there) It was a dinner special.
    If you like the dark meat on a bird, you will love goose. The meat has a wonderful unctuous quality in addition to flavor that white meat chicken or turkey simply can not possess. Shroeder's roast goose was quite yummy and rib sticking served with potato dumplings and red cabbage.
    The only drawback to not preparing your own goose, is that you do not get to keep all of that lovely fat for sauteeing potatoes and apples and....

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    1. re: jdm

      Call first to find out if / when they'll have it.

    2. In the past, Speisekammer in Alameda has served goose during the holidays (must be a German thing). Again, call to confirm.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Mmmm, they'd probably do a really good one. I might have to get one of those myself.

      2. Thanks all. I feel the urge for a roast goose crawl ... waddle? ... coming on to see how different places prepare it.

        Although I still have that Basque food crawl to get to. Maybe I can combine the two. Cetrella is serving "Tripe Basque" Spanish Tripe Stew with Blood Sausage ... if I can get over my fear factor food hang-up ... I mean tripe & blood sausage in one dish ... I see me staring into the bowl a long ... long time ... maybe after enough of that half-price wine.

        1. Yee's on Grant near Broadway in SF Chinatown has roast goose every day I've walked by there.

          And for those looking to roast their own, I saw signs for fresh geese at the meat counter in the Cupertino Ranch 99 on Tuesday. Also for Canadian foie gras and all manner of fresh whole ducks and parts.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            IIRC Yee's also has the afternoon specials... for about $2 per plate? They sometimes offer goose for that.

            1. re: S U

              My mom reports that the price for the afternoon specials has increased to $2.20. And, the goose is priced a bit higher than that per plate.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Hmmm ... $2.20 goose diner at Yee's or $65 goose dinner at Chez Panisse ... decisions, decisions.

                So, is there anything different about Chinese roast goose? Or is a goose is a goose is a goose?

                1. re: rworange

                  Heheh, here's a link leading to a couple posts on Yee's goose.

                  The plate of goose during the time slot for the afternoon specials (circa 3pm to 5pm or so) is about $5. It's a bread plate size portion with a few slices on it. At other times, it's a big portion and priced higher.

                  Chinese goose is more highly seasoned in the two ways I've had it: roasted/barbecued like the hanging ducks you see in the windows or poached in master sauce Teochew style. The skin on the roast goose is much crisper and well-rendered. One of my non-Chinese friends told me that she uses the Peking duck method (hot water, drying with a fan, sugar glaze) to make her goose for Christmas and the friends in attendance marvel at the texture of the skin.

                  Here's my old post on a take-out place in Milpitas that had roast goose. Don't know the current situation.

            2. re: Melanie Wong

              I also love roast goose and have done it at home several times since it is not often found on restaurant menus. And speaking of that: a mystery that I have often wondered about and perhaps someone knowledgeable about Chinese restaurants can answer. (Yimster, are you out there?) On many Chinese restaurants one can find goose intestine or goose web, but aside from Yee's, NO GOOOSE ITSELF! Where are the bodies going? Who is getting the meat?? And as RWOrange has asked, Where can I get it?? Thinking non-middle European style in particular, although I love that too. There is a restaurant in Tsim Tsat Tsui (sp?)--Hong Kong--that featured wonderful goose and the sign outside was great: a rather anthropomorphic goose, partially clothed and holding a fish in its arm-like wings. And I once did a very complicated version from an Indian cookbook that was the best I ever ate but a lot of work. Any idea about such things around here??

            3. Doesn't this sound great? Chez Panisse tonight:
              Thursday, December 7 $65
              Wild mushroom tart with frisée and glazed shallots
              Monterey squid ragout with leeks and zinfandel
              Warm winter salad of Emden goose cooked two ways: grilled breast and leg confit,
              with goose liver toast, roasted chestnuts, celery root, and parsnips
              Huckleberry soufflé