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Dec 7, 2006 05:28 AM

The hungry cat for the lobster roll???

Has anyone tried it recently what are your thoughts???

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  1. i liked it but i would need 3 of them to be full. the fries are tasty, too !

    1. It's fairly small & greasy; I'd rather go for the pug burger (or their other seafood items.)

      Speaking of which, where are the best lobster rolls in LA?


      1. the thing is they don't really exist in LA, exept for at hungry cat to my limited knowledge.

        1. I was surprised when I ordered the lobster roll - and out came a lobster salad roll...a lobster roll should just be lobster piled on a nice, buttery bun with no mayo. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious - but for the price, I wasn't expecting the lobster to be cut with mayo and celery.

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            I've never had a lobster roll in Maine or New England that didn't have mayo binding the lobster. Whether it should include celery is a matter of personal opinion and it varies from place to place.

            I like the lobster roll at Hungry Cat, personally.

            1. re: thewaz

              Lobster roll is supposed to be like that.

              There lobster roll is okay, but I would order something else, the quality of lobster is not that great for the price.

            2. It tastes good but it is pretty small. And for $22, it easily qualifies as a rip off. The truth is lobster rolls are all about being in a place, like Maine, where there is so much lobster (for much cheaper) that you dont know what else to do with it but slather it in butter or a mayo dressing slap it between two slices of bread. I would sooner go to Maine or focus on rolls that LA does well like Spicy Tuna ones . . . sorry but there are somethings that truly dont travel well.

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              1. re: blackbookali

                I'd have to agree, a lobster roll just shouldn't be such a precious little expensive thing. That sort of defeats the whole purpose. The only good lobster roll I've ever had in L.A. was when I went to an Asian market that was having a special on lobsters - $6.99 a lb, bought one, brought it home and made my own.

                1. re: estone888

                  That is exactly what we do... In fact, we have a freezer with split top buns just waiting for us to experiment with Clam Rolls (Next year! :)). But we've tried several restaurant lobster rolls in LA, and my New England SO says that of them all HC is indeed the best of the bunch...