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The hungry cat for the lobster roll???

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Has anyone tried it recently what are your thoughts???

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  1. i liked it but i would need 3 of them to be full. the fries are tasty, too !

    1. It's fairly small & greasy; I'd rather go for the pug burger (or their other seafood items.)

      Speaking of which, where are the best lobster rolls in LA?


      1. the thing is they don't really exist in LA, exept for at hungry cat to my limited knowledge.

        1. I was surprised when I ordered the lobster roll - and out came a lobster salad roll...a lobster roll should just be lobster piled on a nice, buttery bun with no mayo. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious - but for the price, I wasn't expecting the lobster to be cut with mayo and celery.

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            I've never had a lobster roll in Maine or New England that didn't have mayo binding the lobster. Whether it should include celery is a matter of personal opinion and it varies from place to place.

            I like the lobster roll at Hungry Cat, personally.

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              Lobster roll is supposed to be like that.

              There lobster roll is okay, but I would order something else, the quality of lobster is not that great for the price.

            2. It tastes good but it is pretty small. And for $22, it easily qualifies as a rip off. The truth is lobster rolls are all about being in a place, like Maine, where there is so much lobster (for much cheaper) that you dont know what else to do with it but slather it in butter or a mayo dressing slap it between two slices of bread. I would sooner go to Maine or focus on rolls that LA does well like Spicy Tuna ones . . . sorry but there are somethings that truly dont travel well.

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                I'd have to agree, a lobster roll just shouldn't be such a precious little expensive thing. That sort of defeats the whole purpose. The only good lobster roll I've ever had in L.A. was when I went to an Asian market that was having a special on lobsters - $6.99 a lb, bought one, brought it home and made my own.

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                  That is exactly what we do... In fact, we have a freezer with split top buns just waiting for us to experiment with Clam Rolls (Next year! :)). But we've tried several restaurant lobster rolls in LA, and my New England SO says that of them all HC is indeed the best of the bunch...


              2. It is good but pricey for the smallish size

                1. nyc is full of great lobster rolls, as is the maine coast. LA is stuck with Hungry Cat's brioche with lots of butter and it is greasy and somewhat tasty but not something i ever plan to have again. tradition usually knows best when it comes to food.

                  1. it's awesome!!! really creamy (yummmmm), although a bit pricey. but i personally thought it was their best item on the menu (albeit, i don't eat red meat)

                    1. Have ordered the lobster roll at HC. It's not a lobster roll. It's a lobster salad sandwich. You can drive up and down New England at little dives and get a traditional lobster roll on a super soft roll doused with butter and pieces of tender lobster meat dunked in clarified butter with a little salt & pepper (for less than $10). I know we're in Southern California... but someeone needs to stick to tradition. Would rather have the salmon or the chowder when visiting HC. It's funny...because if you've ever lived in New England, you know that HC's version is definitely more of a salad. It's good, but still not a lobster roll. I'm a purist that way.

                      1. I love it as well. Small, yes, and I guess not traditional (I have never had the real thing, I guess) but it is delicious.

                        1. What about the Lobster Roll at Ketchup?

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                            Are you referring to the Scandalous Lobster Wrap?

                            (I can't say since I've never been to Ketchup, but it's gotten less than stellar reviews here.)

                            1. re: SauceSupreme

                              Yes. I've heard mixed reviews too but we are giving it a try.

                          2. picture $22 for a hot dog. there you have it.

                            1. I was visiting family in Maine last week, and I love telling them about the price of Hungry Cat's lobstah roll. They think it is wicked funny. Then we went and got lobstah and fried seafood (clams, oystahs, haddock, shrimp, etc.) at a restaurant/shack near a friend's house in Seabrook, New Hampshah.

                              1. I had in Napa Valley last year. It cost me $30.00 for one lobster roll. It was good but I don't think I will order them again. I went there with my lawyer friend who heard about the lobster roll at this restaurant, so she ordered it as appetizer, so we all share the food.

                                I think it was well overprice.

                                1. Anyone ever have it at Gladstone's? I know it's not the same ballpark as Hungry Cat, but it was even on their DineLA menu and most of the stuff there is pretty good.

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                                    Maybe if it was well priced. Gladstone's is really so overpriced to me.

                                  2. I've had the HC lobster roll, it was good but not amazing- I liked the lobster club sandwich at The Lobster better.

                                    1. Just fly to Maine. After surveying the boards during the summer of 2007, we decided that nothing here would do. The trip was TOTALLY worth it.

                                      And I disagree that a lobster roll has to have mayo.... there is a hot variation with just buttered lobster meat chunks in addition to the "lobster salad" type. I prefer the butter :)

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                                        There is a hot variation, but the point being it is much more commonly made with mayo and cold, based on thawaz's post, and very often with small bits of celery.

                                        Meaning what someone just posted and called the "lobster salad" roll IS the traditional lobster roll back east. I go to New England to visit mother and siblings a few times a year, and always have at least 1 or 2 lobster rolls, 1 or 2 clam rolls, and a lobster during each visit.

                                        1. re: MaryT

                                          I believe the touch of celery is more of a Long Island thing than a Maine. While resistant to it at first I think it also can be excellent.

                                          As for the prices of these lobster rolls, well, a fine house in Maine costs 150k or so and there the lobster is local. LA is a different beast.

                                      2. Probably useless information, but the best lobster roll I've had is at The Old Port Lobster Shack in the Bay Area. They have "naked" and "original" version--both fresh & delicious. They fly in live lobster from Maine several times a week. I've never had a lobster roll down here in Southern California, but it'd be nice to try out a place that does the same thing that The Old Port does up in the Bay Area.


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                                          Along the same lines as not being very helpful, I had a really good version at Yankee Pier in San Jose at Santana Row. They serve it either way, cold with mayo or hot with butter. I had the hot version and wish I hadn't agreed to share it, because I could have eaten the whole thing and then some.

                                          To keep it local, though, I had lunch at Catch the other day and noticed a lobster sandwich on the menu. I didn't order it, so can't comment on the quality.

                                        2. Has anybody tried the lobster roll at BP Oysterette? I took a work friend to Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC and she almost fainted when she bit into the lobster roll. We've been trying to find the best and most authentic lobster roll in SoCal.