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Dec 7, 2006 05:23 AM

Tasty yet Cheap Samosas in Cambridge or Allston

I am catering a small event and we usually get samosas from Tanjore. However, their $1.25 catering price seems high and I am looking for good quality, large samosas in Cambridge or Allston. Any tips?

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  1. i get my tasty and cheap vegetable samosas from shalimar, the store next to harvest in central square. they have a back area that sells food and i've actually found that when i'm in the mood for a samosa, the ones at shalimar are the best. the veggie ones are 85 cents.

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    1. re: littlelady

      This was the place that came to mind me for me. They also have a very large Indian dessert selection.

      However, if Boston had LA's system of quarterly restaurant cleanliness evalutaions, my hunch is that the Shalimar back area would be posting a C.

    2. Haven't been in a year or so, but Samia Sweet Shop on Summer St. near School in Somerville has good samosas; don't remember the $ but it was well under $1.25.

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        sani sweet shop is no longer there. last time i went by that space (at the end of october) it looked like maybe a bakery or some such thing was going in that location.

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          Really? Are you sure? I thought they had stayed in the building during the remodeling. This is a disaster! <sob, sob, sob>

          1. re: MB fka MB

            last i saw it (and like i said, this was six weeks or so ago), the whole space was vacant. there were no real signs indicating what was what with the space, so i don't know if maybe it's them that's coming back.

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              OK so I stopped and went in. THe half that's open is a pizzeria called Bella Gulla (what! that can't be right! that's from the takeout menu, LOL). Guy there knew of Samia, did not know where they went, did not know who's going in next door. Next door looks like a work in progess but I could see a counter and a stand mixer. I bet the new rent's too high. We shall see.

      2. I can't guarantee if they're any good, but the little convenience store called Verna's Market does have samosas. It's on Mass Ave between Harvard and Central Square, sort of near People's Republic maybe?

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          Verma's (notice it has an "m" not an "n" like the soon-to-be-departed donut shop) samosas are not very good. I quite like the veggie samosas at Punjabi Dhaba in Inman Square. They are only 75 cents apiece. They're on the smaller side, but I like 'em small, especially for a party. At a friend's party, he served large samosas and everyone was cutting them in half, which seemed awkward. I'm assuming if you called in an order ahead of time, Punjabi Dhaba would be able to sell you as many as you need. The dough on these is not too heavy or greasy, the filling is light and fluffy and nicely seasoned with Indian spices.

        2. There's also an Indian (or Pakistani?) caterer in Somerville, on Brodway in Teele Sq, called "Guru...divine food for brilliant minds." It's intrigued me for the past year now. Here's an excerpt from that old post:

          on Aug 15, 2006 Northstar22 replied

          It is Pushpinder located at 1297 Broadway somerville
 I work down the street and I eat lunch from him once a week. He has developed quite a following with his catering and I know he's looking for a little larger location to do strictly takeout.Give him a shout.

          Oh...sorry, I just realized you are looking only in Cambridge/Allston. Well, something to keep in mind for future reference!

          1. Beyond Cambridge, in Arlington Center on Mass.Ave., is the Chai Café, run by the Punjab management. They have both meat and veg. samosas and a lot of other stuff as well.