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Dec 7, 2006 05:08 AM

Steak for one at the bar?

What would be a really good steakhouse that wouldn't be too unusual to eat alone? I prefer eating at the bar as it feels more comfortable than having a small table all to myself. Also, the usual porterhouse for 2 isn't going to work out, so a really nice ribeye or sirloin would be better.

I already know Keen's is a good place. Where else?

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  1. When I'm feeling the need for a nice steak, and I'm eating alone, I usually opt for a good bistro. I had a decent steak frites at the bar at Petite Abeille on West Broadway when I had jury duty recently. Though the standout on the plate was the "frites."

    If you can stand the surly service, I actually quite like Gallagher's on 52nd. I always order a "girly" filet mignon, and it hits the spot. The bartender there is quite a character.

    1. Landmarc has great steaks and a wide selection of wines by the half bottle which could be good when dining alone.

      1. BLT Steak has good steaks and a decent size bar.

        1. Not a steakhouse, but nothing better than eating the Bar Steak at Raoul's.

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            You are absolutely right! Great suggestion.

          2. Not a steakhouse, but you can eat at the bar at Veritas, and there is a ribeye on the menu. I've only eaten in the dining room, but all those who have dined at the bar say they've had a first-rate experience.