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Dec 7, 2006 05:07 AM

Visiting from Singapore on Christmas Day - any BYOBs open or other alternatives?

The concierge at the Loews Hotel (where we will be staying) has been trying and trying to find a byob open for us, but so far, it's all been negative. Does anyone know if there are any byob open on Christmas Day, or any good alternatives we can consider? I'm seriously contemplating staying in our hotel room and ordering room service....

Nothing too casual, hopefully suitable to the festive mood, with a menu that isn't too concentrated on red meat or lamb. Definitely seafood and chicken. But at the rate this is going, I suppose I'll be lucky to get anything. :(

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  1. I'd maybe give up on BYO's and try calling around to the good hotels to see if they're doing a brunch (Ritz, Four Seasons, Rittenhouse Hotel).

    1. I would imagine a number of the Asian restaurants would be open. I am not that familiar with them, but maybe someone else could post.

      1. faye - i originally thought that, but, the poster is coming from maybe chinatown is out.

        I ditto joypirates recommendation abotu hotel restuarants.

        and i think City Tavern (not a BYO) might be open ( at 2nd and Walnut) - might be too much meat though.

        1. I think if you take BYO out you will have more options.
          Most of the small BYOs will most likely close but some of the larger restaurants will stay open for tourists.

          Other options are ethnic cuisines other than chinese - for example I know that Konak (turkish cuisine) will be open Christmas Day.

          1. Don't know of any byos that would be open. I agree with previous posters. Perhaps a brunch at the swan lounge in the four seasons.

            BTW we will be in Singapore for two nights in March. Staying at the oriental. What are not to be missed? you can email me privately at joluvscards(nospam)