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Dec 7, 2006 03:53 AM

Bachelor Party Suggestion

I am taking my brother and a bunch of his friends to New Orleans for his bachelor party. We are congregating from various parts of the country, but nobody knows New Orleans. Any suggestions on where we should go? Optimal is a place that in some way features local cuisine, and can handle about ten to fifteen big guys with bigger appetites.

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  1. Jaque e mois, its hearty and delicious if not a bit sloppy. There's kitsch crap and local art (sometimes not mutually exclusive) on the walls and the other patrons will be rowdy and drunkish too so no worries about making a scene. Book ahead of time make clear its a bachelor party and I can almost guaranty the proprietor (Jack Leonardi) will have the 'tender pour you bushmills shots... Casual dress is encouraged.

    1. Dickie Brennan's will cater to your needs and it is not all steaks. Also, check out Arnaud's. If available, they have private rooms where you can hang out on the balcony overlooking Bourbon St. Call Nina at Arnaud's and see if she can hook you up with a set dinner and price. It is sometimes the way to go. Also, Clancy's-one of the loudest restaurants in the city-will put you upstairs and will serve you excellent food.

      1. i'll have to agree with mikey. a personal fav of mine is dickie brennan's steakhouse. the food is great and the atmosphere is not at all turista. if i were to presume that you guys were going to hit the strip clubs after dinner, dickie brennan's is in the fench quarter and just a hop, skip and a stumble away from rick's, larry flynt's, etc.

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          1. Jacq e mois is excellent, however, they are weird about reservations, and you will definitely need one for the large party. also, jacq e mois is not in the french quarter, so keep that in mind. you will have to take a cab there. i can recommend a place for the next morning to cure your hang over... Port O'Call is the best hamburger joint in the world, and they make one fine bloody mary. the burgers are so tasty and come with a loaded baked potato. you can't beat it!