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Dec 7, 2006 03:34 AM

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

Hey all, I'm currently in Orange County but am moving out to the east coast next month. Since I won't be returning to the area for a while, I figure I'd fill my belly with happy memories of LA/OC eats :) Between trying to figure out the logistics of doing a cross country move and working, I haven't had time to figure out a planned eating schedule before the big move. So I'm asking the board for some recommendations on -the best- meals I can eat while I'm still here in the LA/OC area.

I have narrowed down my choices to three culinary cuisines: Mexican/Latin American, Japanese, and Vietnamese. I'm willing to spend about $20 max on a meal for myself. Nice sit down restos that I can share culinary memories with friends and family is a plus. I'm also open to vegetarian/vegan options as well.

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  1. For Vietnamese, Brodards in westminter has some of the best vietnamese food around. Be sure to get an order of the spring rolls.

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    1. re: dagrassroots

      When I was telling my friend last night about how I need to eat -the best- Vietnamese food, she asked if I have gone to Brodards. When I replied "no," she gave me this shocked look and described in detail the way they make shrimp paste for their spring rolls.

      So, I'm definitely sold on Brodards.

    2. I wouldnt leave without a bender at Thai Nakorn.

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      1. re: MEalcentric

        Man, I totally forgot about Thai Nakorn! My family and I used to go all the time when they used to be in Buena Park. I should go there as a family outing before I leave SoCal.

      2. Second MEalcentric. I'd gorge myself silly with the specials menu at Thai Nakorn, and then for a snack, I'd gorge myself with the nem nuong rolls at Brodard, then for dinner, I'd gorge myself with the soup of the day and an entree at Cafe Hiro, then for a late night snack, I'd gorge myself with yakitori at Honda-Ya, and then go to Alertos for a carne asada nacho to close out the evening.

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        1. re: elmomonster

          I don't think my stomach can take a full frontal assault of eating! I gotta pace myself otherwise I'd throw in the towel.

          Now if it were my last meals before I die....

        2. depending on where you're moving to on the east coast... if it's NYC you can get good japanese food there. in which case $20 would buy you um... 17 (i think) al pastor tacos at el taurino. i'd probably just do that.

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          1. re: rameniac

            I'm moving out to Baltimore, so I'm not sure what the Japanese demographic is out there. However, there's a big influx of Koreans so there could be some Japanese stuff out there because of them. Otherwise, I won't be disappointed with Korean cuisine (I hope!).

            I also can't eat 17 tacos :) But I'll look into El Taurino! Do they also have fish tacos there?

            1. re: whowantscandy

              Moving to Baltimore! I'm sorry. I just moved from there. To get good asian food there you'll have to drive to Wheaton, or Silver Spring. I used to do it on the weekends - good luck!

              1. re: Zadok

                Hahaha. No need to apologize, coz I'm kind of groaning as well about the lack of diverse food stuffs that I won't have easy access to like I do out here in California. Maybe I'll buy a tortilla press while I'm still out here...

          2. The original comment has been removed