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Dec 7, 2006 02:56 AM

What to eat near Crystal Cathedral?

Going to check out Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove this wknd. Any recs for dinner? Maybe a good Korean place since GG is like a mini-ktown? I was thinking of Cafe Hiro in Cypress but it might be too far. Somewhere reasonably nice but not super fancy will do...prefer non-chains. thanks!!!

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  1. Thai Nakorn is so close to there. That's where I'd eat.


    1. Thai Nakorn, Quan Hy, Sagan (Buena Park, just a few minutes away) or Carolina's.

      1. Chu's wok inn is across the street, if you are in the mood for chinese. I had dinner there once and was very pleasantly surprised (went there mainly to pick up homemade souchow style mooncakes).

        1. The Catch on State College right across the baseball stadium