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Dec 7, 2006 02:47 AM

Waring Pro Food Slicer?

Does anyone have any information or experience regarding the Waring Pro "Professional Quality" Food Slicer? It appears sturdy and well made with no plastic parts. Any advice? Thanks.

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  1. Do you have a link to a pic? I don't know offhand if it's the same model, I have a metal Waring that might be good for some specific purpose (unkown to me), but as a general purpose kitchen slicer, it was a waste of (not a little) money. Loud as hell, too-deeply-serrated a blade for cutting very thin slices of anything, and the all-metal construction means it doesn't fold up and slide away quietly - it's a space hog. Rather a PITA to clean, too.

    If I were buying a new one, I'd be looking at the folding plastic sort - Braun used to make one that looked good when I bought mine (10 years ago?), but I too was seduced by the call of the metal...

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      The Rival I bought for 29.99 was plastic and the adjustment for how thin i wanted the meat sliced, slipped it was a white dial I ended up with thick cut meat. And if you read my reply below, the metal one was a waste of money too. The Gear stripped after one use. the gear and the teeth on it were hard plastic and wore out. What a disappointment.

      1. re: Motejzik

        I also have a Rival slicer which I bought c. 1980. It appears to be identical to the current model now sold. It's not perfect nor precision and it's far from the equivalent of a professional machine. It's noisy and it's slow. But for occasional use of thinly slicing a ham, salami, Swiss cheese or a head of cabbage, it's been just fine in my experience.

    2. I have a Krups that I haul out once or twice a year. It is plastic and I got it in a thrift shop. I have to figure out how to assemble it each time I use it but it is easy to clean and does a great job. Amazon has one in Chrome for about $69. I got mine for about $10 sometime ago at that trhift shop.

      1. It all depends on what you plan on slicing or eating. Anything tougher than Spam planned?

        1. I looked at the WaringPro but rejected it after seeing the display in a big box store. The blade had been removed to make the display safe. The works or mechanism driving the blade was mostly plastic. I was not very impressed, because some of these parts may wear out sooner rather than later.
          Instead, I'm looking for a manual slicer, metal parts, on the used market.

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