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Dec 7, 2006 02:33 AM

"Adaptable" Stuffing Ideas for Veggies and Carnivores

For Christmas dinner this year, one of my guests will be a vegetarian. We're having turkey (and tofurkey) and I had my heart set on trying a stuffing with meat this year, but don't want to prepare something she can't eat, and also don't want to prepare a separate dish entirely.

Are there any meat stuffing dishes that I can adapt part of and make it vegetarian for her? Or is there a veggie recipe which works well with the addition of meat?

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  1. What part of the recipe has meat... Is it broth, plus meat stirred right in? Or just stirred in?

    Can you vary one of the steps, and then set a little aside in a small dish for her? Or get all of the ingredients together, but take out a serving or two for her and prep that with something like veggie broth and tofu/soy bits/anything non-meat...?

    1. I can't gush enough about the wild mushroom & leek stuffing (made with baguettes) on epicurious that I did for t-day this year. One of the changes I made was to add some crumbled turkey sausage (like you, I like a little meat in my stuffing). I cooked it w/ the mushrooms, but you could also cook yr sausage-of-choice separately and add it after you've reserved the vegetarian portion of the stuffing.
      (BTW, if you use the epi recipe, but the baguettes 1-2 days in advance so they get good & stale.)

      1. Morningstar Farms makes a veggie griller that looks like ground beef and my husband (a non-vegetarian) swears he can't tell the difference. I mix the veggie crumbles in with the chopped, grilled onions, add some cooked, brown rice, and toasted pine nuts with the stuffing spices and have the best tasting stuffing made. I also use this as a filler to stuffed peppers. You'll find the veggie crumbles in the frozen section of your supermaket, with the vegetarian selections. You can also use Yves hamburger substitute, but I've found that a bit rubbery.