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Dec 7, 2006 02:33 AM

trying to recall the name of a cookie from the 60s - please help it is driving me crazy

In the 60s there was a cookie that came in a box that you could buy at most grocery stores. It was made by a well-known company, as I recall, such as Sunshine, Keebler, Nabisco, etc. They were made of apples and/or had a distinct apple flavor. Each cookie was maybe 1-2" big, and I think more of a rectangular or crescent shape rather than being round, and were maybe covered with a powder sugar coating. They were my dad's favorite and I'd love to tell him of this memory. Each time our family went to the lake for the picnic we bought a box to take. Thanks!

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  1. Ar you thinking of Archway Cookies? They are from Battle Creek Michigan. They have an Apple-Filled Oatmeal Cookie. I believe Amazon sells them. Good Luck!

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      I know the Archway cookies you mean, but no it is not them. Thanks for trying to help though. I believe the ones I am trying to think of are no longer produced, but I'd still like to know the name of them.

    2. Try contacting the FoodNetwork. One of their programs (I don't recall the name) features products from the past (a lot of candies and such, normally). One of their interns may be able to do a search through their food archives and help you with the name.

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        Great idea, I will try that, thanks for trying to help!

      2. Cheri, you're not thinking of Aplets are you? Liberty Orchards puts out chewy candies made of apples, or apricots, etc that are about 1 inch square and dusted in powdered sugar. They're more chewy than crisp.

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        1. re: thegolferbitch

          No they are not Aplets, but thanks for trying, I really appreciate that. These were cookies you could buy in the grocery store and made by a common bakery company like Sunshine, came in a box, and were apple flavored with a cinnamony powdery coating.

        2. There were similar ones called Lemon Coolers, were they like that?

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          1. re: Snackish

            Yes I would say they were similar to Lemon Coolers (which I think are still on the market), but I am pretty sure the apple ones had a cinnamony coating.

          2. I found it. Nabisco Apple Teasers. Shaped like a crescent roll.

            Look here:


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              That's not them - but I really appreciate your trying. It looks like the ones you pointed out are called Appeteasers and are a cracker, what I am looking for would definitely be called a cookie, apple-flavored and coated with a cinnamony/sugary coating, think they were round or could have been crescent shaped, that I don't remember. Again, thanks!