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Torito Tapas - pleasant evening with good food and great service !

Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 01:53 AM

When a friend proposed dinner at Torito Tapas tonight, I did not know the recent plaudits lavished on this Kensington Market restaurant (cheek by jowl with the struggling La Palette which could learn a thing or two from Torito's service !)

We were struck by the willingness of the staff to please - more bread ? no problem. Fill up the wine glasses. How about some water ? This sort of relaxed but very attentive service is, sadly, not matched by many of the five-star eateries in town.

Food was uniformly very good - toothsome salad with almonds and cheese, an outstanding lamb loaf in a saffron-almond sauce, fine hanger steak, great plate of the Spanish version of prosciutto, roast taters with chorizo in a tomato sauce - quite spicy - and a lovely almond cake with quince and creme fraiche to share for dessert. Very reasonable wine list.

Simple, warm room with a variety of seating available, at the bar, on high stools at high tables, low down at regular tables - nothing too much trouble.

A winner !

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    fickle RE: Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 04:24 PM

    Fabulous place. I love the food there. I haven't gone back since October though. Have they done anything about blocking the draft from the door? Last time I was there we were pretty close to the doorway and got chilled everytime someone came in or went out. Would love another outing for those delicious shrimps and beef cheeks but wary of the drafty door!

    1. a
      auberginegal RE: Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 04:43 PM

      was it busy? did you need reservations? i'm thinking of going there next monday night with a small group of friends. glad to read you had a good time!

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      1. re: auberginegal
        Bigtigger RE: auberginegal Dec 7, 2006 08:31 PM

        We were at the end furthest away from the door so no chill or draft issues ! It filled up after we arrived (6:45 pm) and my impression is that one needs reservations to be sure of being seated.

        1. re: Bigtigger
          pinstripeprincess RE: Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 09:15 PM

          so then the tricky part isn't the draft so much as getting reservations at a no reservation restaurant ;)

      2. g
        getinmybelly RE: Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 04:50 PM

        I am the friend that suggested Torito. We would be remiss not to mention the Laudo (La Rioja, 2005) which did a fine job of washing everything down. Suerte!

        1. b
          Bigtigger RE: Bigtigger Dec 7, 2006 10:55 PM

          Another poster asked if one needed them, and my opinion remains one does as clearly the place is busy even on a chilly Wednesday evening. In other words, if indeed it doesnt take res one had better go early as we did (6:45)

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          1. re: Bigtigger
            Herb RE: Bigtigger Dec 8, 2006 11:59 AM

            Torito does not take reservations.

          2. g
            gigi RE: Bigtigger Dec 8, 2006 02:25 PM

            I''ll say it once again so that no one gets the wrong idea:
            TORITO DOES NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS! I tried to make one once,
            after reading on here that they do...but, alas, they do not.
            GO EARLY! It's worth it - the food is great, and the service has always been good when we've gone, in spite of the fact that it's busy.

            1. b
              Blueicus RE: Bigtigger Dec 8, 2006 04:42 PM

              I went to Torito a couple of months ago for my birthday, and I agree about the sentiments regarding the food. One favourite amongst our party were the crab croquettes. I also liked the texture of the flan very much.

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              1. re: Blueicus
                badbhoy RE: Blueicus Jan 7, 2007 07:19 PM

                We went to Torito last night after hearing some good reviews and were surprised to find it wasn't open. It was 7 o'clock on a Saturday and I checked their hours when we returned and they should have been open. Anybody know what happened to them? Are they moving?

                We tried Kalendar instead and had a nice meal but were still disappointed we could'nt try Torito since everyone seems to be raving about it.

                1. re: badbhoy
                  to_frankie RE: badbhoy Jan 9, 2007 02:04 PM

                  they're on vacation. another poster reported this in another thread also.

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