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Dec 7, 2006 12:07 AM

Cantonese Seafood Restaurant in SD

Im looking for a great chinese restaurant in san diego. Im thinking of a place with lots of tanks with fresh fish and shellfish. Whats the best place in SD for that? thx.

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  1. Have you looked at JASMINE on Convoy. I like their black cod.

    Saturday nights are usually pretty crowded due to weddings.

    1. China Max on Convoy would be my 1st choice.

      2nd choice would be Emerald, but it's been awhile since I've been there for anything except dim sum.

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        I second both China Max and Emerald over Jasmine. China Max is a big hit with the local population.

      2. third that list. in that order for dinner. china max, emerald, and jasmine.

        @ china max you can order dim sum dishes at night. har gow makes a nice dinner appetizer :)

        1. Although i know that generally the decor at the more authentic places isnt anything special, what are these three places like, decor and atmosphere wise?

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            China Max is bright, relatively small, with windows facing out on Convoy (with lace curtains, IIRC). Jasmine and Emerald are both fairly big dim sum places, they'll both have several large parties every night this time of year. Jasmine usually feels a bit more hectic than Emerald, but during holiday season both are very, very busy.

          2. Just got back from a very good dinner at China Max. The place was very busy when we got there at about 7 and we were seated upstairs. We started with a great wonton soup. The broth was rich and the dumplings were filled with perfeclty cooked, crisp shrimp. We then had a lobster with ginger and scallion. The lobster was well cooked and very tasty, however i would have liked a little sauce in the plate (which i would have drizzled on my rice). Next was a whole roast duck. The duck was excellent and sweet. Next came scallops in black bean sauce. The scallops were great but the black bean sauce was weak and light. I generally prefer a dark, strong black bean sauce and this really wasnt it. Next was shrimp with garlic salt. This was an amazing dish and although i prefer it (and assumed it would come) with the shell on, it was a very tasty and delicious dish. We then had sauteed leaf of snow pea with garlic. This was perfect. The pea shoots were tender and the dish was excellent. Next was sautee duck chin with maggi. I had not tried this dish before and found it to be quite nice. I couldnt really figure out the anatomy of the pieces that appeared on the plate, but they sure tasted good. Next we had peking style pork. Im not a fan of this dish in general and this one was no exception. I acknowledge that i dont really like this dish anywhere though. Beef with orange peel was fine.

            All in all this was a pleasant meal. Im not from San Diego so i dont really know the quality of the other restaurants around, but I know that there are better chinese restaurants than this in LA (as i guess would be expected). Very good meal and would certainly go back again...but i dont think it is spectacular.

            Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I will try Jasmine and Emerald next.

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              You're going to be hard pressed to find a spectacular Cantonese seafood restaurant in SD. China Max, Jasmine, and Emerald are about as good as it gets. Pearl in RB is also very good, they are the sister restaurant to Emerald and as far as I can remember the menu is very similar.