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Dec 6, 2006 11:54 PM

Nick & Stef's... Underserved & Overcharged

Nick & Stef's has some of the absolute worst service in Los Angeles. They ignore you and they can never find the salt. Aside from overcooking my cheeseburger, there new annoying habit seems to be overcharging you on the bill. Somehow they managed to sneak in an extra $1.50 charge hidden in the liquor total that cannot be accounted for anywhere on the bill. Though Nick and Stef's used to be an easy stop before a concert at the Disney Hall, the consistent bad service and ultra long wait have become far too maddening. I am apparently not alone in this thinking as three other tables voiced major complaints with both the food and the service. I don't want to have to plead for my cocktail, plead for my burger, and feel forced to ask for my coffee and check as soon as my burger is served in order to arrive on time for my concert, especially when I get there with two hours to spare.

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  1. I just got back from a Nick and Stef's Happy Hour and did a search to see if there were any posts on the topic - and this one hits the nail on the head! The service was terrible - the waitress would barely talk to us to take our orders, and when she did she offered no good suggestions other than "It's all good." How blah. When we stopped ordering drinks, she was sure to bring us the check. As to food, both my friend and I ordered hamburgers, and asked for them "Medium". While we ordered at separate times (she arrived later), each took about 20 minutes to get to us. To boot, they came back completely well done, and we didn't want to sit and wait another 20 minutes for a burger when we starving and needed food to go with our beers.

    Based on this experience, won't be going back again. Will stick with my Westside Happy Hours - they seem much happier.

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      The food quality has gone down quite a bit IMHO. I was there for dinner 6 months ago and the steaks were not up to the standard that they themselves set 5 years ago or so. It is expensive, but it has to be very good to justify the expense...right now, it doesn't live up to the past hype. That fancy aging room needs to be put to better use!!

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        I agree, I really wanted this place to be a once a month place but everything above this post is dead on. I have better service and meals at Morton's, Ruth's Chris in Pasadena and may favorite Taylor's.

    2. another one i called years ago -- a total case of quantity over quality and the steak is eh... -- btw all of these terrible experiences should be brought to the attention of the manager -- when something like this happens the bill as they first bring it is merely a starting point for negotiations...

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        I went with some friends several months ago to celebrate my friend's mom's 90th birthday. We got there early (naturally!) and they were already out of some of the side dishes. My steak was so tough that I was literally sawing through it. Normally I would have sent it back but I was being treated and I just wanted to avoid making things uncomfortable on the occasion.

        I'm no steak aficionado, but steak shouldn't be like that. Especially at that price.

      2. Your experience is unfortunately typical of most Patina Group restaurants. Consistently underwhelming food and value all around. The only thing they have got going for them is location. Sad to see since the original Patina on Melrose was once a great restaurant many years ago

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          1. I've been here three times and all for happy hour:

            1st visit- sat in the patio with a group of 10-15 and was impressed. Ordered their steak sandwich and it was dry and not worth the price. We also ordered their wings and someone had their burger with wasn't well donw as requested. The kicker: it was a going away party for my boss and they spilled red hot sause all over her cream colored suit. Management came 10 minutes later to apologize.

            2nd Time: Business Meeting, we ordered their mini burgers (meat balls in between a bun) and their flat bread pizza, which was very good. Service was really slow and they started clearing out the patio and made a lot of noise in the process.

            3rd Time: The service was so slow!! Ordered the pizza again and it was consistently good but with all the waitresses running around, I wonder what they all are doing.

            Bottom line: Would only good back for a drink and would go only during happy hour.