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Dec 6, 2006 11:45 PM

Jerusalem Artichokes/Sunchokes

hi there-
does anyone know where i can buy jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes in edmonton? please?

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  1. I was actually just about to ask the same question for Calgary, so if anyone knows that answer, I'd also be happy to know.

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    1. re: jeffwhit

      Hi, I had posted the same question in Calgary about a month or so ago and no one could really help -- one suggested the Currie Barracks farmers market may have them but I've never seen them there, nor the Cross Roads Market.

      As for Edmonton, I'd love to know too, but can't think of anywhere that even has good more exotic produce.

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        I saw some!!! At the Superstore in Sunridge Mall (Calgary)... There were about four or five of them packaged in a plastic bag together. In the aisle with the eggplants.

      2. Yay! will try to get there ASAP. Just had cream of sunchoke and celery root soup at Crazyweed in Canmore this weekend. YUM.

        Thanks for the tip! Have been looking for >1 year!

        1. I'll be there before most people read this post! Thanks so much!

          1. ok - about the same time alau was finding them in calgary, i was finding jerusalem artichokes at the old strathcona farmer's market in edmonton! open saturdays from 8 - 3 (think).the vendor was a nice older lady with a small booth near the front windows kitty corner to the guy who sells frozen meat.

            1. Other than the great taste I don't know a whole lot about this vegetable... is its availability highly seasonal and this is why they're turning up now?

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                I did a quick google search and found they're "available Oct to April." Not sure why they've been so hard to find here.

                Jeffwhit, did you find them ok? More importantly, how did you use them?