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Dec 6, 2006 11:43 PM

$150 to spend on Asheville dinner

My husband was awarded a $150 diiner that he can expense at any restaurant in Asheville. Here are my thoughts...would love opinions or other ideas.

Gabrielle's: is this truly the best fine dining in Asheville? Can we have an app, 2 entress and wine for $150, or will that pit us over budget? Also, do they have a regular menu, or just the fixed price 3-course?

Fig or Table - your preference between the two?

Or should we go to one of our favorites - Zambra (loading up on tapas and sampling red wines), Rezaz or Limones? Note: we kind of want to try something new.

Also, he has been wanting to try Savoy. It's near our house, so we can see that it always seems crowded, but I know it gets not-so-hot reviews on this board. Any other opinions on this restaurant would be appreciated, plus updates (Have you tried it lately? Is it really that bad?).

So many questions. Help us decide where to go!

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  1. $150 would not get you the full treatment at Gabrielle's so I would opt for (in this order)
    1. Fig
    2. Limones
    3. Savoy
    4. 28806

    I'm not overly impressed with Table or Rezaz although they have their fans and Zambra's is just ok sometimes. The last couple of times I have been there I have sent things back - just not that great.

    1. If two people can't eat--and eat well--for $150, then Gabrielle's is too expensive...

      As for the other mentions, I love Limones, was slightly disappointed in 28806, very disappointed in Table, and haven't tried Savoy or Fig, though I'm VERY interested in Fig based on previous postings here.

      Will $150 cover everything at Fig?

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      1. re: Jeff C.

        I would say that $150 would be good for Fig - you could have a modestly priced bottle of wine or a couple of glasses, apps, entrees and split a dessert. I think that's about what we had and it was $134 with tip.

        1. re: leahinsc

          Well, Fig gets my vote then. What say you, Miss Piggy?

      2. Fig is good, but the portions are very small and IMHO a little overpriced. I much prefer Limones. You could do very well there with $150, apps, entrees, dessert, wine, the works.

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        1. re: pilches

          I agree, pilches. But it sounds like Miss Piggy wants to try somewhere new.

        2. So my husband chose Savoy. Like I said, he has been really curious about it. And, since it was free, we figured why not try it now...if it's not great, at least we didn't spend a dime. The verdict...

          The bread was great - nice crust on the outside, soft and warm inside. I really enjoyed it. For an app, he had the scallops and fois gras, I had the duck confit served with a beet and goat cheese salad. His scallops were cooked perfectly and were quite good. The fois was nice as well (though I only had a small bite). My salad was weird. The confit was served ice cold, and looked like chopped up dry BBQ. I was expecting it to be hot, and I think it would have been much better had it been served that way. It was overly salty, too (and I love salty things - this was over the top). The beets were good, and the goat cheese, while not special, was a nice pairing. For dinner he had the kobe been flat iron steak and I had black cod. He asked for his steak cooked medium (although he alsways prefers it med-rare), and sure enough, it came out really rare. It was served with a chimichurri sauce that was not good at all - tasted really fishy (anchovies?) and was truly awful paired with the meat. I am really not a picky eater, and am not kidding when I say the sauce was terrible. The roasted veggies it came with were nothing special. My cod was cooked perfectly, and the bites I had with the thin sliver of roasted eggplant that wrapped around the fish were really good. The risotto was totally bland - cooked to a nice consistency, but no flavor to speak of. The service was pretty unattentive, which can sometime be nice, I guess. They seemed to be running pretty slow, however.

          End result - Savoy turned out to be pretty much what I expected it to be. Some hits, with definitely more than a fair share of misses for the price. I was glad my husband got it out of his system as there are many more places I'd like to try or go back to! If I had been paying, I would have been pretty disappointed. It's funny how things always taste better when they are free!

          1. Thanks for your review, Miss Piggy. I've lived in WNC for almost six years now and still haven't tried Savoy. It's one of those places like The Market Place that people don't mention very often, but what I have heard doesn't make anxious to try it anytime soon...