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Dec 6, 2006 11:39 PM

Mid-range priced Seafood Places in DFW?

Hubby and I want to celebrate and would like to go out for seafood. What is a decently priced (under 25 a plate) seafood restaurant in the area that has good eats? We live right between Dallas and Fort Worth, so either city is easy to get to. We're also looking for places in the Mid-Cities area, which is closer to home.

If no such place exists, any other suggestions?

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  1. Well of course there is McCormick and Schmick's at Northpark, but it's really not possible to get out for $25 a person.

    There are some options are that range depending on your taste, a good option is always going Thai and getting a crispy red snapper, Thai soon has a very nicely done version of this in your price range.

    There is of course also Pappadeaux or Razzoo's if you like Cajun style seafood, also there are the fish chains, like fish city and rockfish, both have reasonably good food and a good price, but not dressy.

    Now another good choice is S&D Oyster Company on McKinney in Dallas it's been there since the mid 70s all though not ultra formal has a dressy feel and great service. They are Dallas institution where I took dates in the 70s, 80s...

    There is also a reasonably good place on Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth, but I don't remember the name of it.