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Dec 6, 2006 11:33 PM

Indian Groceries in the DC Area

Does anyone know of a shop that sells Indian spices and breads? All of the mom-and-pop places I used to go to in NoVa have disappeared (most replaced by condos). Am looking for a range of spices used in authentic curries, plus different types of nan breads and chapattis.

Would prefer recoomendations in DC or NoVa, but am open to MD.

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  1. Skyline area in that little strip mall in the shadow of the high-rises, and there's a very modest selection and some frozen breads at Grand Mart.

    1. India Grand in Loehmann's Plaza on Rte 50 in Falls Church, right next to the Indian Cinema. They have a lunch counter in the back that used to be my very favorite place for Chaat, but it's never been the same since new management took over.

      1. You might also try some of the halal stores in the area. They tend to carry some of the same spices, breads, and other supplies as the Indian markets. There is a strip of Indian and halal places along Lee Highway in N Arlington. The shops are in the same building as the Caribbean Grill, just before the intersection w/ George Mason Drive.

        1. If you finally decide to throw in the towel on VA and DC, your best bet is the area around University and New Hampshire in MD. Great variety of stores and restaurants. Easy to access from the beltway--about 5 min. southeast from the University exit (exit 29 IIRC). In particular there is a spice place on the east side of New Hampshire about 500 yds. north of the University interesction--I don't recall the name. The International grocery near there also has a lot (in the same parking lot area as Woodlands restaurant. There was even an article a year or two ago about how the Safeway near there finally got with the program and started stocking a large variety of Indian items (I'm not recommending this however, just illustrating the breadth of what's available in the area).

          1. One of the original Indian markets in this area is called Patel Brothers, which has a few locations on the east coast, but specifically in this area, Langley Park, MD. I read an article in the paper a few weeks ago where they are expanding and will be opening a store in Sterling soon. In the meantime, here's one of their stores.

            Patel Brothers, 2080 University Boulevard, Langley Park MD 301.422.1555

            other options also, as this Langley Park area has a lot of Indian shops:

            Bolywood Bazaar, 1305 University Boulevard, Langley Park MD 301.434.5283

            Bombay Sweets, 1401 University Boulevard, Langley Park MD 301.431.4422

            House of Spices, 1335 University Boulevard West, Silver Spring MD 301.431.3361

            India Bazaar, 10557 Greenbelt Road, Lanham MD 301.464.0505

            India Foods Warehouse, 1355 Holton Lane, Hyattsville MD 301.434.2433

            Indian Groceries, 1812 University Boulevard, Maryland Langley Park MD 301.439.5772