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Dec 6, 2006 11:27 PM

Best not overly expensive restaurant in Houston?

Anyone have a suggestion (or suggestions) for a great restaurant in Houston, any type of cuisine, that would end up at around $50/person max?

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  1. I believe lunch at Fogo De Chao was about $60 a person the last time I was there.

    1. Tony Mandolas Gulf Coast Kitchen.

      Arguably one of the best restaurants in Houston. Gulf Coast seafood with Mexican, Italian and Creole culinary style. Inexpensive for lunch.

      Run a search of the name for reviews.

      1. IMO you can't go wrong at Le Cep, Westheimer just west of Wilcrest. This is the family that used to own Rotisserie For Beef And Bird. French country cuisine and the only way to top $50/person is to overdo the desserts and liquor.

        Fogo de Chao is overrated, I've always thought so. Tony Mandolas is pretty good though.


        1. We've had consistently good food at the State Grille on Weslayan. I guess it's Gulf Coast-style food. They have a $25 prix fixe dinner, which we haven't tried yet, but even ordering a la carte isn't much more expensive.

          1. Thanks everyone--most appreciated!
            I ended up eating at Catalan (which was excellent), a well as Hugo's (also very good).