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Dec 6, 2006 11:14 PM

What is Salsa Tartufina and what the heck do I do with it?

My sister brought me a jar of Salsa Tartufina (Truffle & Mushroom Sauce?) back from Italy - about a third of a cup. What do I do with it now? Any recipes? What is the shelf life? How long will it last once opened and in the fridge? It's my first experience with Truffles and I'm a bit intimidated. Thanks!

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  1. A similar friend brought me back something very similar. I ended up putting a few spoonfuls in tomato sauce that I used in an eggplant lasagne and it added a lot of complexity. I also tossed a spoonful with steamed asparagus, which was yummy. You could add it to polenta or a simple cream sauce. Good luck!

    1. I bought some of this at a food shop in Rome (the one that's been in all the magazines) and the owner told me to heat a few spoonfuls up in a little olive oil and/or butter, add some cooked pasta and emulsify the sauce with a bit of the pasta water. It's pretty good, although I don't taste the truffle much.