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Dec 6, 2006 11:06 PM

Best Indian in Austin––Bombay Bistro?

Looking for a place with good standard dishes--butter chicken, saag paneer, vegetable korma. I hear Bombay Bistro is pretty good. Is it the best Indian restaurant in Austin?

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  1. Best? ... I don't know, but the lunch buffet is good. Better yet are the chafing dishes used for it. The buffet presentation and the semi-high end look of the place certainly is one of the best in town. My only suggestion for improvement so far (aside from the under-moist tandoori chicken that I've experienced): perhaps the manager could bicker with the staff in private ...

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      I eat at BB regularly. I'd say it's currently the best Indian in town, although be aware that their chef (Uncle) recently returned to Toronto after having tutored his replacement, and the service can get a little sloppy in the evenings. BTW I highly recommend the spicy lamb kadhai, which isn't on the menu but they'll make it for you.

    2. I've had outstanding Indian (N & S) at Chola in Round Rock. It rivals some of the best I've had in NY & Chicago.

      1. I love the Sunday buffet. The food tastes very fresh and clean, some are buttery but never greasy. The subtle flavors in the same dishes do vary from week, sometimes a dish is excellent and on other days the dish is just pretty good. Some people like consistency. Me, I like being suprised. So it works for me.

        I love the decor, the staff is friendly. I used to live in San Jose, California which is packed with Indian Restaurants and Indian customers. That's the closest I have come to authentic Indian food. I have been to every Indian restaurant in Austin and in my opinion Bombay Bistro is number one! Now this opinion is swayed somewhat by the chutneys. Bombay Bistro has the best Tamarind and the best Cilantro Chutney. They also have a great selection of soups. Always fresh and tasty. The Afgani Tandoori Chicken is to die for, so tender and tasty. I'm getting hungry...

        1. I love this place. I don't eat Indian food much, but Bombay Bistro is my favorite. Before they came along, The Clay Pit was my favorite.

          1. Can't say it's the best, but Sarovar does the buffet at lunch that has all the standards: Butter chicken, 2 kinds of naan, several curries, tandori chicken, tamarind soup, paneer, korma, etc. around $10 buffet is only at lunch. Dinner is ala carte