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McDonald's testing Angus burgers in Los Angeles

  • monku Dec 6, 2006 10:54 PM
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  1. Folks, please keep the replies on this thread focused on the burgers only found here in Los Angeles. If you'd like to discuss Angus burgers, please start a new topic on the General Chowhounding Topics board, where hounds from all over can add their input.

    1. Maybe off topic, but I recently tried the Angus Burgers at Carl's Juniors and HATED them. Is this the new trend?

      Also, kind of strange subject matter (McDonalds) or Chowhound...

      1. Hmmm, article says a Mc D's in South Pasadena. I'm not a McD's type of guy but it might be interesting to try.
        Any one got an exact location?
        I know of the McD's on Fair Oaks right before the Pasadena freeway.

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        1. re: nrique

          That's the only one in S. Pasadena.

        2. Not all angus burgers are created equal.

          I thought Burger King has one too. The problem with these places is that they are not freshly made, sits under the lamp for a while, plus the cooking method (pan fried versus wood flame) contributes greatly to the meat.

          Ruby's has a Kobe burger too at one point (not sure if they have it anymore). No better than the regular stuff.