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Dec 6, 2006 10:28 PM

steel cut oats in a slow cooker?

can anyone tell me how to do this so i can cook my irish oatmeal overnight? never enough time in the morning!

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  1. Alton Brown has a recipe:

    I haven't tried it though.

    1. There are a number of threads on this subject. Opinions differ.

      1. I make it ahead in a big pot, save it in plastic containers and microwave it in the morning. I find it keeps for a week in the refridgerator. Last time I added anise seeds and cardamon seeds with the oats and water and then raisins and candied orange peel after I turned off the heat. I looked forward to it every morning.

        1. You can just soak them over night and then nuke them in the AM. It is simple.

          1. If you have an old slow cooker that runs about 180 degrees on the low setting you can just leave it cooking from bedtime till breakfast. 3 - 3 1/2 cups water to a cup of oatmeal. It seems a little fluffier if you add the salt when done.

            I also have a small, newer cooker that scorches if it cooks too long. I put it on a timer to switch on around 3am and I put an empty tuna can or something under the crock part to keep it away from the heat a bit. This took some trial and error which you may have to undertake for yourself. It will be worth it.

            There was a great thread on seasonings, additions etc a few weeks ago. Health and Strength!

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              I bought a small slow cooker just to cook the steel cut oats and it burned the first time so I checked this site and I spray it with buttery spray, add the water, salt, oats, and put the clean paper free tuna can upside down on the cooker to raise the crock up and away from the heat. Cooks it perfectly each and every time and clean up is a breeze. I start mine at 10 PM and it's perfect by breakfast time. Thanks for the tuna can hint!! I never would have thought of that! Also I agree with the gal who said the plastic top leaks moisture so you need almost another whole cup of water to cook to the right consistency.