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Dec 6, 2006 10:08 PM


They have stollen (made in CA) at:

European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
9109 W Olympic Blvd (Cross Street: Doheny Drive)
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3507
(310) 276-1331

Not the best i've ever had, not the worst either.
To my taste, too much marzipan, not enough orange peel.
Anybody knows other sources?

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  1. Rockenwagner's bakery in Culver City (on Washington Blvd) has stollen, baked daily through Christmas. IIRC it's about 16 dollars - I didn't buy it because I was short on cash, and they only take cash. Everything here is soo good, I'm sure it would be delish.

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      it is absolutely delicious. They also sell mini loaves for $5 or $6. In addition to the Culver City bakery, they sell it at the samo farmer's market, and their bakeries on abbott kinney and santa monica blvd.

    2. Trader Joe's has 2 versions.

      1. Emil's Swiss Pastry on Barry at Santa Monica in WLA is baking them daily.

        1. This is far and away the best. It is the difference between any commercial bakery, and one run by a baker who actually has serious training. Emil has been doing this in his bakery for almost 50 years, and before that at the old Blum's, of happy memory.

          They have them with and without marzipan. The basic s
          Stollen is $8 for the small and $15 for the large. Marzipan is a dollar more.

          They also have amazing Pfeffernussen and cookies. They are good enough that one of my job is the 15th of December is to mail some to Angelenos in exile.

          1. Shoops in Santa Monica for Dresdener Stollen.