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Lunch in and around Leaside

Help please...need a suggestion for Lunch with a friend..any cuisine...pleasant atmosphere...great food...Thanks...Miranda

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  1. i'm not sure how casual you're planning to have your lunch... but i'm absolutely addicted to the croque monsieur at le cigogne. they have a menu with baguette sandwiches, quiche, pizza, and a few other things. everything is a good sized portion but i'll admit i've stuck mostly to the croissants and croque because i can't give them up. rich eggy slices of brioche layered with salty ham and melted swiss and then topped off with a sunny side up egg. beautifully buttery and lightly flakey croissants with just a touch of sweet. i'd eat these any time of the day.

    it encouraged my dining mates to pick up a brioche loaf to take home.

    atmosphere is charming with mosaic tables and bistro chairs. the staff are very sweet and helpful.

    1. Marvellous Edibles on Laird. It is in a very industrial area but the food is well, marvellous. Nice atmosphere and a welcoming environment.

      1. The Indian restaurant == Kamasutra == they have an excellent weekday lunch menu... Asparagus soup is yum...

        Kamasutra Indian Restaurant and Wine Bar. 1522 Bayview Avenue , Toronto ON M4G 3B4

        1. There are a number of Thai restaurants with lunch specials including Lemongrass and Riz (I think they have the same owners). Both are on Bayview north of Davisville. Lemongrass is next to Hollywood Gelato which to me is the best gelato in the city.

          For a really quick bite, Epi has lovely soup, sandwiches, slads and teas. The latter are made on wonderful artisan breads. They have wonderful baked goods. It reminds me very much of a small "chain" of bakeries in Vancouver called Terra Breads.

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            lemongrass has great value for lunch imo

          2. How 'bout Duffs Famous Wings on Bayview near Belsize??

            Best wings in the city.

            If you're in the mood for desert, Hollywood Gelato is right up the street. Best Gelato in the city.


            1. Smalltalk on Bayview is very nice.

              I also agree with most of the suggestions above except that I don't like Duffs and haven't been to Kamasutra.

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                Smalltalk is good, there's also Satay on the Road and chai.

              2. We have found Smalltalk to be VERY hit and miss... Satay on the road is somewhat oily. Lemongrass and Riz are fine... (very similar in many ways).............

                1. Satay is nice. And I agree with the kawarthagirl that Smalltalk is hit and miss. If you want to stay on Laird, Olde York Fish and Chips is there. Solid food, but the crowd is not very exciting. At least it's always quiet.

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                    I used to go to Olde York with my Dad before he passed. He loved it -- felt a little like home to him (Jolly ole' England!)

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                      is olde york sit in or take out only?

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                        They have a dine in area (quite nice) and even a patio in the summer. There's a separate take out door to the side also.

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                          do they serve anything other then f&c? like, is it the kind of place you might be able to order apps, dessert or anythign else?

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                            They have a few things like clam chowder, salads and even burgers. They have some desserts too. Service is always competent and the place has the feel of an old house. It's a staple go to place for our family.

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                              aw it sounds nice.. good to know a good f&c place with stuff other then f&c (my sis who i often go out w/ doesnt like f&c... thanks for the info!!