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Dec 6, 2006 09:54 PM

Eats near Beach Blanket Babylon?

We have tickets to this show and as a semi-newbie to the Bay Area, I don't know where to make our dinner reservations. It'll be for a group of 8, including both sets of inlaws which means we need a restaurant that's relatively quiet so we can hear each other's conversation. Nothing too fancy or expensive, with good, solid food. Would Rose Pistola fit the bill? Or Calzone? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Rose Pistola's pricey.

    Ristorante Ideale would probably work.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Rose Pistola's pricey.


      Pricey, yes, but tasty and just around the corner - we much enjoyed dinner there before BBB.

    2. Capp's Corner is right around the corner, and has solid family style food that would be good for a group. Definitely not fancy, but I like the neighborhood atmosphere, and it's right next to BBB.

      1. I love Capp's (esp. their osso bucco), but the noise level in there before BBB shows can be kinda high. You should be able to converse, but you may have to raise your voices a bit.

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        1. re: Eugene Park

          I'll third Capp's Corner and their Osso Buco. It will be a real treat for any out-of-towners.

          1. re: Eugene Park

            If you do Capp's make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the show. They aren't super quick and actually discouraged me and a friend from eating a pre-show meal there if we didn't have time for a "four-course meal."

            I second the Rose Pistola reco for a group of 8.

          2. I've been to Calzone, and was not impressed with the food. For about the same price, I like Panta Rei much, much better. I wouldn't say Panta Rei is quiet (neither is Calzone), but you'll be able to have a conversation there.

            1. Capp's isn't gourmet fare, but I meet a North Beach friend there every couple of months and would recomend it for a group. They bring you a big bowl of excellent minestrone, a servicable bowl of salad ,and your choice of many entees for $18. the sole is nice, as is the osso bucco. I was there last night and tried the canneloni, which was also nice.

              In my experience it's pretty rare for it to be noisy, though there's the occasional big, rowdy group. Nice old-world San Francisco atmosphere, and it's literally right next door to Beach Blanket.