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Dec 6, 2006 09:52 PM

Cheese board recommendations please

Hi, I'm looking for a cheese board. For some reason I think I have seen marble boards before, but I haven't been able to find any lately. I have seen a few nice granite ones. I'm trying to avoid wooden boards.

Any recommendations on marble or granite cheese boards would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. If you want marble or granite, the easiest and cheapest solution is to contact suppliers of counter tops for kitchens and baths. Scrap pieces can be found in various sizes at scrap prices.

    1. Any good tile showroom or even Lowe's or HomeDepot should have marble tiles of various sizes and in an assortment of colors. The standards will be 12 x 12 but there may be larger sizes available as well. Larger and longer pieces are available for fireplace surrounds and hearths.
      Stone yards will custom finish scraps for you to get rid of sharp edged that can cut your hands.

      1. I bought a box of Vermont slate tiles, mostly rectangles and a few squares of varying sizes and colors at Home Depot a couple years ago. Ended up not using the slates for flooring, but picked one of the nicest pieces for use as a cheese board. I washed it well, and coated it with some (food grade!) wax to shine it and protect it. Some felt feet with adhesive on the bottom at each corner keeps the table from getting scratched.

        1. I've found some smaller bamboo boards at TJ Maxxx that make a very nice presentation for a cheese course and won't damage any good knives that are used on them.

          1. I second Sam's rec re. the bamboo. The one's I have are made by Totally Bamboo and they are great. They have all sorts of shapes and sizes. Season with mineral oil every month or so and they continue to look like new & are kind to knives. FYI - bamboo is supposedly harder than maple so you get very few knife marks (& no deep grooves) with use.