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Dec 6, 2006 09:41 PM

Esther's German Bakery

Today (Wednesdays only) at the front door of the Kaiser Hospital at the corner of Geary Blvd. and Baker: fresh juices, fresh produce, Indian curries, fresh German breads!

The Mehrkorn Brot is a seeded wonder. Buy it! Eat it!
of course, there's also Apfelstreusel Kuchen, Mandelhornchen, Verchiedene Teilchen and Echte Laugenbrezn to tempt you.

other breads: Kraftkorn (Russian Rye) and Kaptn-Korn (German Black Bread) and more...

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  1. This is the same bakery that sells at the Crocker Galleria farmer's market on Thursdays. I love the Steinerbrot, the mueslireigel--which they call a granola bar and which is miles away from any other granola bar I've ever had--and their cherry-poppy seed strudel is delicious.

    1. oh-goody! I brought home the cherry-poppy seed strudel for dessert after dinner tonight!

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        I always pick up a loaf when I am at Draeger's...very good multi grain breads...

      2. They also have the most amazing pretzels, pretzel sticks & pretzel rolls. These are easily the closest I've had to real deal since I visited Germany.

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          If you can't make the various market appearances, you can buy some or all of the pretzels, pretzel sticks, and pretzel rolls at Rainbow Grocery. I've seen plain, salted, or seeded with poppy, sunflower, or sesame. I think there used to be just one bin of her goodies in the bins that generally hold bagels near the checkout stands, but recently she's been allocated another bin. This means there are sometimes a few left even when I go by midweek at night :)

          While I'm blabbing about Rainbow Grocery, I noticed they have 3 or 4 bins of Rancho Gordo beans in the bulk area. Yellow Eyed something or others, cranberry beans, and marrow beans if memory serves.

          No, I'm not associated with Rainbow Grocery in any way; I just love what they sell (especially the fresh yeast cakes which made my last batch of croissants much easier to prep). While I'm at it, the ground hazelnuts weren't my favorite. They seemed to have a fair amount of skin ground up with the nutmeat, the grind wasn't as fine as their wonderful ground blanched almonds, and it made my dacquoise deflate slightly when baked so I think somehow the nut oils were too exposed by the grinding process.

        2. Thanks for posting this. I love Esthers pretzels … all of them … plain or seeded (Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Poppy Seeds) Nice cheese pretzel made with cheddar & jack.

          At the Montclair Farmers Market I bought the stunning, tasty and pricy ($9.50) Sonnenblume or Sunflower Bread. It is many different topped rolls … Multiseed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, Sesame, Poppy Seed or Plain … put together in the shape of a flower.

          There was a nice dense heft to the bread. It was delicious. Not something I’d splurge on every day … it was an impulse buy … but something I’d consider to buy for parties.

          Looking at the baked goods on the website has anyone tried these:

          - Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich) A yeast cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with caramelized almond

          - Challah

          - Crunch Sticks (Knusperstangen) bread stick that has all of the following: sesame seed, poppy seed, cheddar & jack cheese, onion

          - Bialy: Don’t look a thing like what Noah’s sells

          I thought this was a great quote on the website:

          Pudding Danish - Lots of Vanilla Pudding resting in the middle of a Danish. I would like to quote a very young fan: “I love it, it is perfect. It tastes like caramel and flan together” Olivia P., 8 years old.

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            I've tried the bee sting cake at the Crocker Galleria. It was incredible. A big rectangular chunk of cake with a generous layer of custard topped with the hard shelf of carmelized almonds. It's really something to behold. Not a pastry could eat every day because it's so rich and sweet, but definitely I would eat it again. I've always enjoyed the poppy seed crunch stick.