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Best macaroni and cheese in NYC

ISO best mac and cheese in NYC - chat n chew?

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      Sublime mac and cheese with a hint of scotch bonnet peppers at Bajan Bus Stop, Kingston and Pacific, Brooklyn...

    2. I am a HUGE fan of Eli's (the grocery store on 81st and Third). You take it home and heat it up yourself, and it ain't cheap, but that's some SERIOUS mac & cheese.

      1. I love the mac and cheese in Freeman's and Blue Smoke. In freeman's you can have it as an entree or a side.

        1. thank you - I actually went to josie's last night (the new one on the UES) and they had mac and cheese so i tried it and it was delicious - several kinds of cheese with a nice crust on top - mmmm! Thanks for your recs - i live right neara eli's so I will try it!

          1. Just received a menu in my apartment for Supermac, a new mac and cheese place n 7th Ave and 29th Street. It seems like a rip-off of S'Mac.


            1. I think the Mac 'n cheese at Michael Jordan's is divine.

              1. Chiming in with my vote for Miss Mamie's Spoonbread!

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                  aw man, then you haven't have had REALLY good mac and cheese. There is much better to be found.

                2. Blue Smoke has amazing Mac n Cheese

                  1. It's not in NYC but a few minutes away... Marco and Pepe in Grove Street Jersey City. Overal a great place but the mac and cheese is amazing, worth a trip by itself honestly. Its made with Orecchiette, hint of truffle oil, little Lardon, just perfect. About 5 minute walk from Grove St PATH station.

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                      never tried the mac and cheese at blue smoke but i can say it's definitely a great place.

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                        how are the prices at blue smoke?? the menu looks great.... and what's the bar like?

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                        NOT EVEN 5 minutes! It's two measly blocks from the Grove Street PATH, and everything on their menu is worth a trip, imho.

                        1. re: ChefJune

                          I totally agree about Marco and Pepe's Mac and Cheese. They kept the recipe from the original Chef (Ian Kapitan) but changed the Mac. It is served with thick-cut bacon cubes, three types of cheese (the stinkier the better), and rosemary-roasted mushrooms. It is the perfect Comfort Food (with a Bluebird Bitter) on a cold night or when I am having a crappy day.

                      3. I heard the mac and cheese at HOME is awesome on cornelia

                        1. Soul Fixin's on 9th ave and 34th has fantastic mac & cheese...dry version.

                          1. The Lobster & White Truffle Mac n' Cheese at Dylan Prime is fantastic. So much so it inspired me to make my own at home.

                            At $15 for a side, I really didn't think that it was going to be worth it. But oh, it was. So creamy and rich. And you've gotta love the truffles.

                            1. I love cafeteria's Mac n Cheese and recently heard that Ditch Plains had great mac n cheese too, but i haven't had theirs yet.
                              I love blue smoke but as many say, their mac n cheese is very stoffer's-esque.

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                                Cafeteria's mac & cheese was phenomenal, nearly everything else we ordered was forgettable - and overpriced.

                              2. "Chat n' Chew," "Bubby's," and "City Bakery" have great mac n' cheese.

                                1. The best mac and cheese is at the restaurant, "Home"...to die for!

                                  1. Dumont in Brooklyn is known for their Mac & cheese. Tasteeee

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                                      Second DuMont! This stuff is like Mac Crack.

                                      They also serve it at DuMont Burger. It's the perfect starter between two people. I find the whole portion too much. It's so rich.

                                    2. I second Cafeteria. Dumont was good, but nothing compares to Cafeteria mac at 4AM served with the works.

                                      1. The mac 'n' cheese at Artisanal in Murray Hill is really good even if it's gratuitously French.

                                        1. agreed on michael jordan's steakhouse...probably my favorite. bobby vans also does a good mac and cheese.

                                          acme on great jones is a nice less expensive version.

                                              1. Westville (&Westville East) have a fantastic smoked Macaroni & cheese - it is simply an app . . . but their menu in general is superb

                                                1. PJ Clarke's. It has ham and peas in it, which sounded kind of gross but made it absolutely to die for, plus the shape of the noodles is pleasant, I think they were orecchiette.

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                                                    Went to Dinosaur BBQ last night and thier mac-n-cheese was DELISH!

                                                  2. 5 Points Mac N Cheese hands down. I think it's only served during their ridiculous, great brunch.

                                                    1. I love the mac n cheese at Home. A close second would be the mac and cheese at City Bakery, but you have to get it hot, and fresh. Not after its been sitting at the buffet bar all day!

                                                      1. Mac & Cheese at Soul Fixin's is not good - very mushy imho. Bubby's on the other hand is very good...

                                                        1. Try the baked mac and cheese at Bocca Lupo (corner of Henry & Warren in Cobble Hill). Off the hook but not cheap.

                                                          1. Had great mac & cheese at Alias this week - sauce had stick-to-your-ribs gooey texture. Am going to re-heat the leftovers right now, after I post about their amazing fried chicken.

                                                            Also really liked the penne noodle mac & cheese at Hill Country.

                                                            Maybe not THE BEST, but really good and definitely worth ordering if you're at these places.

                                                            1. I'd give a vote to Comfort Diner

                                                              1. Schiller's Liquor Bar has (what I consider to be) the best Mac and Cheese in the city - and I have tried a LOT on this list.. I'm a mac addict.. Sure , you can pay up the kazoo for mac with truffle and lobster @ Dylan's and enjoy the heck out of it... But .. That's cheating a bit , ain't it? You can put lobster and truffle on wonderbread and it will be the most delicious sandwich you've ever eaten.

                                                                But for pure, light creaminess and the richest flavor- without the heaviness or added ingredients or semi-rubbery baked top layer that burdens so many of the other Mac and Cheeses I've tried... Schiller's hands down for me. It's so simple and perfect.

                                                                In fact it is one of the best Mac and Cheese's I have ever had in my life - NYC or elsewhere - inched out slightly by the one I had at Sig's Deli in Newport Rhode Island.