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Dec 6, 2006 09:18 PM

useing Organge Marmalaid for pecan coating

Can orange marmaliad be used to cook down and coat pecans like a sugar coating?
Thanks, Donovan

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  1. I don't think that is going to work. No matter how much you cooked it down to coat the nuts it is going to stay moist and sticky and won't get crisp like a sugar coating would.

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    1. re: Candy

      Thanks for the reply....I was trying to stay awayfrom sugar as this is for a diabetic.

      1. re: Donovan

        There is a lot of sugar in marmalade. Try this instead.

        I leave the sugar out and do not miss it at all.

    2. Jam (or jelly) might be able to be cooked down into a candy, but, that's beside the point, as jam is sugar based. Unless you were thinking of using sugar free jam... which would make it an interesting question.

      A sugar free jam could probably be cooked down into a coating for pecans, but... by the time you cook that much moisture away, I'm guessing the orange in it would probably start to brown. Any fruit in jam would either brown or end up being tasteless from the heat involved in making candy (300+ deg.).

      If you want a sugar free coating for pecans, you'll need to turn to textural sugar subs. This list includes:

      Sugar alcohols

      Some diabetics are okay with agave nectar, which is predominantly fructose, but from the research I've done, fructose isn't any healthier than sugar. If the person you're making these for is okay with agave nectar, though, that could be used. With all of these sweeteners, you'll have to get the go ahead from the person you're making them for, as they are all potentially laxating in large amounts.

      Btw, this vetting process doesn't just apply to sugar subs, it applies to a host of ingredients. There is no single approach to diabetic nutrition. Approaches include:

      low fat
      sugar free
      low carb
      everything in moderation
      anything goes with appropriate medication
      a combination of the above

      For all you know, the person you're making these for may be eating low fat and can't eat pecans. Do your homework. Baking for people with diabetes is an honorable quest, but it comes with responsibilities. If the detective work is too much of a hassle for you, get them a non food gift.

      Assuming they can handle one or all of these sugar subs, pralines are not that difficult. If your goal is an orange flavored pecan coating, I would utilize a two step process

      1. Dip the pecans in a very thick sugar substitute based caramel syrup
      2. Dip the still warm pecans in a powdered sugar sub/orange zest/spice (if using) mixture.

      That would give you an orange spiced praline. Polyd works very well for the caramel coating and isomalt is ideal for the powdered sugar.

      Or get them something non food :)