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Dec 6, 2006 09:06 PM

Handmade Tamales (SD)

I'm looking for a recommendation on a place to buy tamales in San Diego. Thanks!

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  1. We buy ours from the tamale lady. She's got a stand in front of a liquor store at 35th and El Cajon. There may be better tamales in San Diego, but not for the price. I believe most are $1 to $1.50. The place stays open fairly late, but afternoon or early evening are safe bets.

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      Another vote for a tamale cart on University and 38th? It's close to the Pupusaria place in front of the liquor store on the North side of the street. Open at 7AM usually. I work in the neighborhood and stop by for breakfast or save it for sack lunch. Rajas and Pork are my favorites at $1.25 each.

    2. Which part of SD?

      Try out Tamales Chiapeneco near north park.

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        Central SD preferred - I work in Hillcrest and live in Rolando Park. Where in No Park is Chiapeneco?


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          35th & El Cajon isn't that far from North Park, or Rolando for that matter. I, too, can vouch for the tamal lady. Plus she's usually got sweet tamales along with the savory ones.

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            Its at 25th and market. Wonderful family run operation -- they are originally from Chiapas.

        2. Thanks for the recommendations! I plan to check both places out.

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          1. The Tamale Factory in El Cajon (on Greenfield Dr.) does a brisk business at Christmas time selling tamales.
            The restaurant itself is quite small. It's a converted house with a few tables inside and I think one or two outside.

            1. Haven't had a chance to go hunting yet. I'll report back though.