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So, did Bi-Rite Creamery open on Dec 1st as promised?

Any feedback either on the ice cream or the estimated opening date if they didn't make it Dec 1st.

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  1. The website says Dec. 11.

    1. Did it open Fri 12/15/06 and anyone try it?

      Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop
      3692 18th St
      SF CA 94110

      Winter hrs:
      Closed Wed.
      S, M, Tu & Th 11am-9pm
      Fri& Sat 11am-10pm


        1. Melanie:

          There are 97 posts in the link in your reply.

          Could you be more specific?

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            That url is for the specific post by "misti", just checked it again. Give the page time to load all the way, then it will land on the specific post highlighted in yellow.

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              I found it quickly by pressing Crtl + F and typing misti.

            2. Thanks. I should have been more patient.

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                More importantly, try the ice cream and let us know!

              2. The Bi-Rite Creamery officially opened today (December 16) at 11 am. The ice cream is wonderful--I had the salted caramel and added a spiced pecan topping. The life-partner had a macaroon and dark chocolate ice cream sandwich, and widget #1 had the deepest, darkest chocolate brownie sundae imaginable. The ice cream is lighter and more flavorful than ice cream at Mitchell's. It tasted like something right until the end. I can't wait to try the coffee-toffee. Oh, and Sam's Sundae: chocolate ice cream with Bergaot olive oil, sea salt, and whipped cream. We are unabashed Bi-Rite fans, but even so, I think the ice cream is something special. Oh, and it's a pretty, warm place without the dopey pretension of a place like Sketch in Berkeley.

                1. Stopped by this afternoon after lunch at Delfina pizza. 18th street between Dolores and Guererro is shaping up to be an almost perfect food block with Tartine, Delfina Pizza, Delfina, Bi Rite, Bi Rite creamery and Dolores Cafe, all excellent choices in their own way.

                  I tried the roasted banana ice cream which had a nice rich flavor. I am sure I will go back and try more flavors. They had an abundance of people working there (perhaps in training mode) but everyone was happy and friendly and the neighborhood certainly was turning out in support.

                  Looking forward to hearing experiences with other flavors, sundaes and they also had some homemade ice cream sandwiches which looked worth investigating.

                  1. So what are the prices like? Nice website that actually lists flavors and other things they sell.

                    Probably too early to ask, but has anyone tried the frozen pie dough? Any price for it?

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                      We paid $2.95 for a scoop (about a small scoop and a half) along with an additional 75 cents for a SMALL drizzel of hot fudge topping.

                      Way too much money for what we got. The chocolate is just chocolate ice cream, the salted carmel is good stuff.

                    2. There's also this post from this weekend, which includes my first visit to the place on Sunday. Good stuff


                      Dave MP