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Dec 6, 2006 08:58 PM

I love Unibroue... other recs?

I much much enjoyed my Unibroue La Fin du Monde the other day... probably the best beer I've ever had (n.b. I only started drinking beer relatively recently) Does anyone else who also finds this one a fav have any recommendations for me?

And how would you describe a beer like FdM, tastewise (so I can ask the bartender next time I'm there...)?

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  1. I would describe Unibroue as a Belgian style strong pale ale. La Fin Du Monde is one of my personal favs and i am always happy to be drinking one. It has so much going on while also being so smooth that the alcohol creeps up on you.

    If you like LFDM, i would suggest venturing into other strong Belgian beers like Chimay, Duvel, La Chouffe, Delirium Tremens. There are also good domestic Belgian style beers brewed by comapnies like Russian River. You can also try Unibroues other offerings which are different types of beligian styles. Maudite, Don De Dieu, and Trois Pistole are all excellent as well, though some are darker.

    Find a good beer bar or shop around where you live and sample some of the better Belgians out there. If you can somehow find the 2004 edition from Unibroue, make sure to get it as this might be my favourite ever.

    edit I see you are in LA. Rusian River is a northern CA brwery but you should be able to get some of their stuff. Look for Damnation, its a belgian ale aged in oak casks. Very unique

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      Thank you, that is very helpful. Part of the difficulty at this stage is not knowing what it is about a particular brew that appeals to you... now I know a bit more about what I was drinking. Belgian style! Great... there is a big Belgian beer festival happening at a bar very near to me in February... over 50 Belgian beers on tap, $3 for a small pour. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

    2. i love unibroue, too! in addition to the recommendations from the above poster, i'd also recommend aventinus. it's not belgian but it does have a similar feel somehow.

      1. Allagash is another US craft brewery that does a fine job with Belgian style ales.

        1. There are alternatives, but first I gotta recommend another, less often seen, unibrow beer. Ephemere. A dry, crisp apple beer that is wheaty and cidery with potent aromatics derived from the aging sur lees.

          1. Go to That site will help you a lot. Do a search for la Fin du Monde, then search for beers of the same style. In general, you should look at the Belgians.

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