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Dec 6, 2006 08:50 PM

Best Chinese in Brookline for Christmas Eve

Any ideas on a nice Chinese spot in Brookline for Christmas Eve. Yes, it is a cliché but a damn good one. Somewhere nice, comfortable, service is good and we can take our time... enjoy the tea and order a few rounds. Food helps us, don't hurt us.

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  1. I would recommend the Golden Temple located at 1651 Beacon Street in Brookline.

    1. Oy vey! I absolutely deplore Golden Temple. Not only is it TOTALLY overpriced, but I do not find the waistaff to be accomodating to those that want to take their time and enjoy the meal. I also find the food to be way too americanized. I am just generally suspect when anyone recommends Golden Temple for Chinese. It's like calling Bernard's at the Mall authentic Chinese.

      While it may not be the best in Boston, Chef Chang's would definitely fit the bill. You can order a crispy peking duck to be carved tableside, a full bar, and a owner that will not rush you through the meal. There is also no attitude.

      1. You could try Zoe's. I agree that GT is way overpriced for Americanized Chinese or even authentic Chinese. Reminds me somewhat of a PF Chang's, but not even as good if you can believe it. However, I will say that the times I've been for cocktails, they were very generous on the pour.

        1. For the love of g-d please do not go to Golden Temple. SICHUAN GARDEN is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Boston outside of Chinatown and they are right in Brookline Village. Wow, this brings back memories. Growing up in Brookline we would go for Chinese or Thai every Christmas eve. Back then the options were Golden Temple, Chef Changs, Chef Chows, and for Thai there was only the little place near the police station, across ffrom town hall. I think it's some kind of Sushi place now. We almost always went to Chef Chows...haven't been to that place in 20 years! Is it still decent?

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              Good Call! And as I recall, a mean green curry.

            2. re: tomaneng

              Sichuan Garden has a very limited menu in English. Take someone who can read Chinese.
              Not terribly accomodating to my veggie dc's questions about chicken or fish stock.

              1. re: FoodFemme

                They have copies of their chinese menu translated into english. You just ask for one and they're happy to oblige.

                1. re: tomaneng

                  I was last there in late October and they could not find any translated copies. The lady/owner said she used to have one but after 10 minutes of digging thru everything, concluded that they no longer did. All the hotpots are on that menu (among other things), so I just asked them to make us one without seeing a menu.

                  I wouldnt call the english menu limited though, it is rather large. I was specifically interested in the chinese menu though so that sorta bummed me out.


                  1. re: hargau

                    Funny. When I've been there, they always have a translated copy of the Chinese menu but the descriptions can still leave you hanging. We always order from memory -- pig's foot, wenjun prawns, beef filets with napa cabbage, dumplings in chile vinaigrette. I love that place.

                    1. re: yumyum

                      How long ago since you have been there? She told me people take them and she now had no copies including her original. This was late October, perhaps she has found 1 and made copies since.

                      1. re: hargau

                        Our party was there in mid-November. They had plenty of those menus then, but as I say, we didn't really need them.

            3. Skip Golden Temple for sure unless you love Chinese food that tastes like the pink gooey stuff out of the bottle! Sichuan Garden or Chef Changs would be my recs. If you want Peking Duck, Chef Chang's for sure.

              The only downside with Sichuan Garden is that I find the food quality WAY better when I go with my Chinese friends vs on my differential at Chef Chang's.